Twitter News: Rihanna’s Going On Vaca And She Doesn’t Care About Our Feelings


Everyone! Rihanna just wanted to let us know that she’s going on vacation in a private plane and that she doesn’t care how we feel about it! Are you ready to look at her twit pics and not care? Or care, but knowing that she doesn’t care if you care? Lol, all of these assumptions have been gathered from her instagram captions so I’m probably jumping to conclusions. I’m sure when she writes “#phuckyofeelings” she doesn’t mean she doesn’t care about them. She just means… phuck em! Anyway, the “ph” makes it less harsh. She’s so cute. Pics inside.

Oh, RiRi. Another day, another set of twit pics for me to use in my futile attempts to psychoanalyze you and our very complicated relationship. Freud would not approve, but here I gooo!

Rihanna’s caption: #phuckyofeelings Vaca here we come…. #boatsandhoes

I don’t know why I cringe when Rihanna curses on twitter, lol. She just sounds like she has such a foul mouth! And she’s supposed to be a *pop princess* lol. But then she makes the “boats and hoes” reference and I’m reminded that she has a sense of humor and I forgive her for ph*cking my pheelings. Oh, thanks Rihanna. Step Brothers references will win me over every time!

Rihanna’s caption: phuckyojob

Ummm ok. Well, I like my job Rihanna! I don’t wanna phuck it! I love it! Wait… maybe I do wanna phuck it, like make sweet love to it…? Is that where she’s going with this? I dunno. She looks like she’s having fun though. Nice.

Rihanna’s caption: I want u to…….

Ok, this is the part where she gets sexy on us. And you get to fill in the blank. Based on the “Trapstar” hat I’m assuming she wants us to go listen to some Young Jeezy circa 2005. Will do, Rihanna. Will do.

Rihanna’s caption: 420 Hi

Ok, I’m interpreting this as one of her standard weed references. But it’s also one of her sexy moments so we’re getting a Twofer here (a la 30 Rock) which is great. And it’s always good to be reminded that she has better lips than the rest of us.

And for that, we thank you badgalriri!

  • Alys

    Hey, RiRi,

    We don’t care what you’re doing or thinking either! :)

    The general public

    • Ben@pr

      @Alys, agreed.

  • Ri

    She don’t mean to forget about you or care where she going, she know, y’all have your lives, ok!!!

  • nicole

    “Based on the “Trapstar” hat I’m assuming she wants us to go listen to some Young Jeezy circa 2005″ <– that made me choke on my drink haha.

    oh Shannon. i love you.

    • nicole <3
      I’m so happy you get it :) Lol. Luv me some jeezy!

  • Asha

    Rihanna is not cute. She is an immature 24 year old going on 25. They should deport her for flaunting her drug use on the Internet. She thinks b/c shes got that paper she can do whatever she wants.

  • Lexifer

    Anyone else hearing Dave chappelle screaming “fuck yo couch ******” in your head? LOL oh Dave chappelle

    • Lexifer!!! Yes! Damn, we need him back!

  • Mikey

    Rihanna’s such trash. She’s a total hood rat, and honestly her personality turns me off big-time from her and her music.