Madonna Is Being Sued Over An Allegedly Hidden ‘Vogue’ Sample


It’s been more than twenty years since Madonna released Vogue, but that doesn’t mean she can’t get sued over it. According to E! News, the executives over at VMG are claiming that in the past twenty years it has become technologically possible for them to discover (in Vogue) a hidden sample from a remix they created to the 1977 song Love Break. Apparently the same guy who they hired to make that remix is the guy who worked on Vogue. Uh-oooh! Deets inside.

E! News

In the suit, the company claims, “The portions of “Love Break, which have been copied into Vogue and all its various “mixes,” “remixes” videos, YouTube versions, etc. are numerous but intentionally hidden. The horn and strings in Vogue are intentionally sampled from “Love Break” throughout.”

Music producer Richard “Shep” Pettibone, who was originally hired by VMG to remix various editions of “Love Break” and later worked on “Vogue,” is also mentioned in the suit, with the company claiming Pettibone “intentionally disguised the sampling he did in ‘Vogue.'”

“The unauthorized sampling was deliberately hidden by [Madonna] within “Vogue” so as to avoid detection. It was only when VMG specifically looked for the sample, with the technology available to it in 2011, that the sampling could be confirmed,” VMG said.

The company claims it gave WB Records and Madonna a notice of copyright infringement in July 2011 and again in February 2012.

VMG is seeking damages “in addition to [Madonna’s] profits that are attributable to the copyrighted material.”

Madonna’s reps have not yet responded to requests for comment.

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We’ve heard about some interesting celebrity suits lately– I think we all agreed that the Bieber concert thing sounded totally bogus. But does this seem at all possible to you guys? Madonna has lost some suits over her music in the past; will she be settling out of court with this one as well?

Check out both song below and let me know. Love Break is actually called Ooh, I Love It (Love Break) and it’s performed by Salsoul Orchestra. Checkie out:


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  • Patch

    similar sounding? yes. But blatant copying? I don’t know. If it has to take 20 years and advance technology to get to that argument, It sounds like someone really just wants to make money off another person.

  • Ariel

    if people are going to be using tecnology now in days to discover possible hidden samples, then everybody will be suing everybody. cause there are many songs that have similar sounds.

  • Ben@pr

    God, “Love Break” is so boring. It can’t be compared to Vogue and maybe I didn’t crank the volume enough to hear the “similarities” that were found with 2011 technology. Maybe I need that technology.

  • travsc

    Vogue absolutely has elements of Love Break. The horns and even the singers saying love break are in various mixes. Sounds like the music structure too. Shep Pettibone was the remixer. Seems as though he was being lazy or careless by reusing them so blatantly. Don’t know if it is so much Madonna’s fault as much as it is Shep’s. Either way It’s funny that it’s requires technology to reveal samples that were in broad daylight.

  • gayana

    Ok, this is ridiculous.

    If we take Timbaland’s songs, they all have similar beats (that’s what he’s known for), textures and structure.

    Does that mean he is too lazy? NO! I don’t think they’re going to win this one at all!

    No offence but half of those pop songs sound the same to me lol

    like the whistling in Britney’s song and Maroon5/Christina’s song……… so what?

    Agree with @Patch, they’re just trying to steal the bux.