Watch: Nicki Minaj Tells Jay Leno About Her First Job At Red Lobster And Performs In Pasties


Did you know that Nicki Minaj used to work at Red Lobster? Yeah, neither did I. The superstar was on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night and her interview is adorable. Leno embarrasses her a bit when he brings up her pre-Young Money days, but still gets her to open up about the experience. Apparently, she really wants all of us to stop ordering the bread. Watch the full interview and a performance of Pound The Alarm (pasties included) inside.

Nicki Minaj talks Red Lobster (mainly customers who want too much damn bread), Trinidad, and Ice Age on Jay Leno:

Ok, that was adorable! I can soooo see Nicki Minaj as the bitchie waitress who dreams of a life on stage… with pasties. Lol. Remember when pasties were a big deal? Shouts-out to Lil’ Kim. And shouts-out to Nicki; I thought that was a pretty sweet performance. So did the guys at DirectLyrics.

And I loooooved Dana Carvey’s random-ass comments. I want him around more!

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  • nicole

    if she wore a top that actually fit..she wouldnt need so pasties. i dont know what look she was going for – but its not a good one.

    • nicole, LOL, I hear you. Pasties are a little ridic sometimes.

  • Lauri

    Not loving the pasties, but LOVE the outfit from the interview!

    • Lauri, yes! And I loved the interview too. She can be pretty cute.

  • Katie

    Loved her interview, it was so cute. …. BUT I thought her boobs were all over the place and wearing the pasties in plane sight was just tacky. Also, the missing button on her interview outfit was absolutely annoying me (why didn’t they fix that in the commercial break!?). The moment her earring fell out I was wondering “WTC is up??” but I loved her “Oh that’s okay!” response to Jay pointing out the huge hoop had fallen. But then with the tiny top, boobs spilling out, and pasties showing… I kinda don’t care how cute her interview was… little girls are looking up to her and some are bound to try to imitate their idol’s styles… i just hope they don’t show me their nips through their pale, thin pasties.

  • Katie, Nicki does thing where she’s sooo adorable (and I think it’s authentic) and then she’s got on pasties and her boobs are everywhere so yeah. She’s a conundrum.

  • Sam

    I love you Shannon, but if there’s one thing I don’t like about your addition here, it’s the extra Nicki posts. It was already enough when Trent did it….but don’t mind me, keep doing your thang, just had to vent.

    • Sam, I hear you and you know I always appreciate your feedback. But I’m eternally fascinated by this woman! Can’t help it… lol.

      Thanks for an honest comment :)

  • rOXy

    I love your Nicki posts! I think NM is just the cutest thang. I love her colorful clothes and fun antics. She’s in it for the entertainment only and doesn’t really care to spout messages or change the world.

    • rOXy, thanks love :) I still haven’t figured her out yet, I guess that’s why I keep writing about her, lol. Glad you’re liking the Nicki posts.

    • sjazz

      there really isn’t anything to figure out. she’s a media puppet who does what the industry tells her to do. she just has to put on a smile. fakeness all aroundddd. she’s so gross. i could’ve sworn she had NOTHING on her bottom half during the performance. such an inspiration.

  • Robot

    This is such an improvement! I love this performance and she keeps improving more and more. I remember her first live performance of ‘Check It Out’ with, OUCH!