The Ladies Top ‘Forbes’ List Of Highest-Paid Celebs Under 30


strong>Forbes has just published their list of the young, rich, and famous and we’re not surprised that some of our fave femme celebs are dominating the ish out of it. Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Gaga, and Katy Perry all help round out the top 5 (the list consists of 10), but can you guess which starlet’s bank account is sitting pretty at the top? And just for clarification I didn’t make the list because I’m not legally considered to be a “star.” Otherwise it’d be me at the top, but it’s not. Just didn’t want you to be confused or anything. About the list. It’s inside.

< Forbes: Highest-Paid Stars Under 30

1.Shannon M. Houston Taylor Swift’s financial situation is safe and sound.
Age: 22
Pay: $57 million
2. Justin Bieber’s stacks are unbelievable.
Age: 18
Pay: $55 million
3. Rihanna’s bank account is pretty gangsta geisha (yeah, still don’t know what that is).
Age: 24
Pay: $53 million
4. Lady Gaga’s money bags are monstrous.
Age: 26
Pay: $52 million
5. Katy Perry’s teenage dreams must have involved earning $45 million.
Age: 27
Pay: $45 million
6. Adele’s rolling in some pretty deep pockets.
Age: 24
Pay: $35 million
7. Kristin Stewart can um buy herself some new converses… or not.
Age: 22
Pay: $34.5 million
8. Lil Wayne can afford proper skateboarding lessons.
Age: 29
Pay: $27 million
9. Taylor Lautner’s cash flow is morphing into something hella scary.
Age: 20
Pay: $26.5 million
10. Robert Pattinson is on his Cosmopolis/Eric Packer flow.
Age: 26
Pay: $26.5 million

Like how I worked in a special reference to each artist’s body of work (or quirk) so as to properly describe their riches? Yeah, they’re rich. That’s mainly what you should know, I guess.

Congrats to the hard-working young women and men who made the list! Are you guys surprised by any of these names, or surprised that some celebs didn’t make the top? I think it’s interesting that there are so few actors– and that the actors who made the list are Twilighters (for now). I guess that really is the (young people) movie! That’s alright, Moonrise Kingdom is gonna be this generation’s new ish in like five seconds. Totally.


  • sasha

    These lists are so fucking worthless……whats nest, the top assholes who bark at the moon lists, there is a damn list for everything these days……who fucking cares…….so tired

    • Tracy

      Sounds like someone is a little on the broke side like me… Hang in there it will get better.

  • Court