Watch: ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Releases Two New Clips


OMG the teasers do not stop coming! And I am perfectly okay with that. Today we get yet another look at The Dark Knight Rises. One clips shows a conversation between Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) and Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman). And we also get to hear Catwoman (Anne Hathaway) say some naughty things in that sexy masked ball scene we keep seeing. Clips inside!

The Dark Knight Rises: Two new clips air on NBC’s Today Show 

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Wow! Anybody else hella scared of Catwoman right now? I know there are still doubts about this film (especially Anne Hathaway’s performance, as compared to Michelle Pfeiffer’s), but I’m just pumped. Not concerned, not curious. Just pumped.


  • Geret

    I think she looks and sounds fierce. I’m tired of all of these comparisons between Michelle Pfeiffer and Anne. Did I love Michelle’s Catwoman… yes! (I still have my mid 90’s Catwoman t-shirt that I’m going to wear opening night in a total nerd-out). But to be comparing her to Michelle over and over again seems petty. We didn’t even compare Heath’s Joker performance to Jack’s this much!

    • JCZ


      Michelle’s Catwoman was during a period Batman was a ‘Comic-book movie’, Anne is now portraying the same character in a rebooted series that draws upon realism. From the very beginning when we learned Catwoman was to be in the film, I knew it would never be like Michelle’s portrayal because Nolan would not have allowed it – and is exactly how Geret compares Jack & Heath’s versions of the Joker.

      If you prefer something different to Nolan’s vision & series, just go back to the Batman films of the 90s. Nolan’s series IMO are more inspired by Batman rather than an adaption of the comics and anything close to Michelle’s performance would burden the themes he has set from the first two films.

      I’ll still reserve judgement until I see the film – but I have faith in Nolan and Anne as I appreciate her work. I associate her with other young actresses such as Portman, Keira & Dunst – all whom started very young and have built an exception reputation and yet still young enough for these roles and have a long future ahead to prove even more.

    • JCZ, thanks for a little background info! I hadn’t thought about that– the 90s Batman films (Burton’s) as being the jump-off for Nolan. That makes sense. And yeah, I think we can have faith in these guys to pull it off.

    • Geret, lmao @ the t-shirt! I need to see that!

  • rOXy

    Anne is going to re-invent Catwoman. She plays the role with confidence and I can’t wait!