Watch: Showtime Releases The First 2 Minutes Of ‘Dexter’ Season 7


OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! The moment that Dexter fans have been DYING for since the final seconds of the season six finale episode aired last year has finally come. Showtime has released the first 2 minutes from the premiere episode of the seventh season of Dexter. The time for pussyfooting about the season six reveal is over — Dexter’s sister Deb caught him red handed with one of his murder victims at the very end of season 6. The 2 minute clip below shows us what happens next. Folks, you’re gonna wanna watch this video.

The gasps from last season’s finale can still be heard among every DEXTER fan as their worst fears were realized – Dexter (series star and executive producer Michael C. Hall) got caught and by none other than Deb (Jennifer Carpenter)! What will he do, what will she do…what’s next for America’s favorite serial killer? Watch and find out:

I knew that Showtime would tease the HELL out of season 7 before the new eps started to air this Fall but I did not anticipate that they would give us the first 2 minutes of the new season. I can’t even tell you … I got chills watching this clip. The look on Deb’s face, the wheels turning inside Dexter’s head … this is a very excellent reminder why Dexter is such a gripping and extremely entertaining series. These 2 mintues from season 7 are PERFECT! It’s an amazing preview and an incredible tease. I got lost in the clip and actually screamed NO! when it finished playing. Amazing. If I thought I was excited for the new season before, that ain’t nothing compared to the excitement I feel now. Wow.


  • Konkanicoconut

    Noooooo!!! You didn’t post a Spoiler Alert warning before giving away the end of season 6 :( :( :(

    • @Konkanicoconut — It’s no longer a spoiler once an episode airs, the season 6 finale of ‘Dexter’ aired months ago. I’m really sorry if the ending was spoiled for you but as we near the start of season 7, we’re going to be talking about the events leading up to the season 7 premiere.

    • JeniLee

      Why did you read a post about season 7 if you havent seen 6 yet? Your fault not Trent’s!

  • C

    Omg is he gonna kill her???

  • rachel

    ACK!!! insides churning, pulse racing… how dare they release two minutes, then leave me desperate for more! don’t they know that withdrawal can actually KILL you?!? omg, i love this show!

    ps. dexter would never ever ever kill deb. period. though he *might* knock her out, tie her up and deal with her later… :)

  • nicole

    i feel like i should hi-5 myself/pat myself on my back or something, because i totally ignored that play button. that took a whole lot of self control i didnt know i had.

    • @nicole — Girrrrrrrl …. you have the self control of a saint.

  • Lauri

    Ahhh, such a great clip, they picked the best (worst worst worst!) place to end. I also kind of wish they would bleep out deb on the show, it’s hilarious.

  • Lashes2004

    I on the other hand have NO self-control & was hitting the ”Play” button before the entire page even had enough time to completely load, haha! Ugh, i cant wait til September

  • Hk

    i kept pausing and watched this like 5 seconds at at time, dont know why…

  • ree

    omg omg omg! MORE!! omg! i can’t freaking WAIT!!!

  • Lacey

    The first 10 seconds of this is already better than all of season 6.

    • Carol

      Totally true!

  • Em

    NOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo~!!!!!! Omg. Holy mother of god. Season 7 opener will be cray!!!

  • hfehgeg


  • Rebecca

    No self control here. Just when I had stopped jonesing, now I have to go thru withdrawal again. Can’t WAIT!