Watch: Get A Sneak Peak At Nicki Minaj’s Trinidad Shoot For ‘Pound The Alarm’


So recently Nicki Minaj returned to her Trini roots for a video shoot and, needless to say, she got a lot of love. The superstar also got a little choked up, briefly talking about the last time she went home. I’m not gonna lie, I even got excited watching her get ready to have a Carnival-type celebration. Check out some dope footage inside.

Nicki Minaj Goes Back To Trinidad:

I think this looks awesome! I’ve been waiting for Nicki to shoot something in Trinidad. Unless I’m mistaken, this hasn’t happened yet, and certainly not with a Carnival theme. And how cute was the boy dirty winin’ his way up to Nicki (at 0:51)? And then then the lil’ boy’s shout-out (at 2:10)? OMG, love it! We should have the entire video soooon! Anybody else excited?

While I’m not a huge fan of the song, I can totally see (and hear) it in the context of Carnival. In fact, it should probably only be played at Carnival and Carnival-type celebrations :) Shouts-out to Nicki, lol.


Oh and in case you haven’t been to Carnival or a West Indian Day parade in a minute, here’s another teaser from Nicki’s video:


So that’s how it’s join’ down. Nice.


  • Miguel

    …WTF…Why is this song stuck in my head?…NO…No!!!!….*Dances*….no….*sobs*….*keeps dancing*

    • Miguel, LMAO! I KNOW right?!

  • LaToya

    Home! I miss u!!!