Watch: David Duchovny And Vera Farmiga Go Indie In ‘Goats’


When I saw Vera Farmiga as Leonardo DiCaprio’s psychologist/lover in The Departed, I vowed to always watch every movie in which she starred. So, apparently I’ll be watching Goats, a sweet story about a young boy (played by Graham Phillips of CBS’s The Good Wife) who goes to prep school and becomes acquainted with his estranged father (Ty Burell). Now aside from the incomparable Vera, you’ll also get to see David Duchovny with a beard reminiscent of the one Forrest Gump grew while running cross-country. Lol. And there are some other really awesome cast surprises. Check out the trailer inside!

Goats: First Trailer

How cute, right? Mother/Son, Father/Son stories rule :) And how fun was it to see Keri Russell’s face? Goats (with a screenplay by the guy who wrote Smart People, and directed by Christopher Neil, who was an acting coach for The Virgin Suicides and Being John Malkovich) was a hit at Sundance. But the very best news is that Justin Kirk (Andy from Weeds!) is in the movie, although it deeply saddened me that he barely makes the trailer. Still, I think we have a lot to look forward to with this one.


  • Shannon, I’m totally with you on Vera Farmiga. I felt exactly the same way about her after The Departed. I’d never seen her in anything before that. I freaking LOVE her.
    P.S. your hashtag, FTW!

    • Kent, lol. I had to immortalize that story somehow :) Team Vera!

  • Tania

    I think this is the first time I’m commenting in years but I had to agree with Vera Farmiga! After seeing her in The Departed, I too vowed to always see her movies. I was the only one sitting in the theatre, watching Higher Ground!

    • Tania, she is AWESOME. I hate that she’s not more famous! We’re all gonna fix that, lol.

      Thanks for commenting :)

  • You guys saw her in ‘Orphan’, right?…
    Best line ever :D

    • Kent I kid you not I was JUST watching this earlier today and couldn’t make it past the first scene, lol. I am a total baby when it comes to horror flicks. OMG they were taking her baby out of her and videotaping it, NO! Couldn’t do it, lol. But I’ll try harder next time cause I can totally hear her screaming that line, lmao!

  • Love it. All under appreciated/utilized actors and the story is great! Thanks for the heads up. Can’t wait.

    • I agree Jessica. It’s gonna be sweet!