PITNB’s Top 40 Songs Of Summer 2012… So Far


At the end of June we got to relive and re-lurve some of our fave jams from the past with a list of the 10 hottest summer hits of the past decade. And of course, there was a separate page for Britney Spears songs alone, thanks to some gentle prodding from readers. Wink. But since there’s no time like the present, PITNB is ready to rep for the music of 2012. Here are our picks for the very best summer jams out right now. Most tracks (or videos) were released between May and July of this year, and all tracks are guaranteed to leave you feeling all warm and gooey inside. So you might wanna turn on the AC; our top 40 do not play around.

Here’s hoping that this list has some of your faves, as well as some unfamiliar music. Before making this list I wasn’t especially familiar with Haim, Feist, Giselle, Time Flies, and a few others. Now, I’ll remember their names for sure; some of their tracks top this list, and with good reason. And of course we have the crowd favorites: Fiona Apple, Lana Del Rey, Kanye West with G.O.O.D. Music, and Amy Winehouse all released some seriously good music this summer as well.

And everyone should know by now that I welcome any and all suggestions, and will most likely find a way to squeeze them onto the post. So if we missed your fave (and I promise at least seven of you that we did, lol) feel free to rant, rave, and request an addition to the list in the comments.

*The list is ranked, but loosely. I mean, can you really distinguish between number 24 and number 27 on these kind of lists? Methinks not. Better to just enjoy this eclectic mega mix of our 2012 summer (so far) jams :)

40. Radical Something: Lemonade
Apparently, “if you’ve got problems and you wanna get away, take some vodka and mix it in your lemonade,” is just what the Radical Somethings recommend for a care-free day. Sounds like a smoothed-out summer jam to me! (Please drink responsibly).


39. Meek Mill feat. Drake & Jeremih: Amen
A pastor just tried to get this song banned. So you know it’s good… or at least interesting, lol. Shouts-out to Pastor Johnson.


38. Cheryl Cole: Call My Name
Remember Cheryl Cole? Well the UK pop singer’s going by Cheryl now and she’s got a new single. Me likey:


37. Cloudeater feat. Wale: Faces
We heard this track earlier in the summer and even got a special thank-you from Cloudeater. For that alone they deserve another shout-out :) But their sound is also unique and they really know how to pick a featured rapper.


36. Iggy Azalea feat. B.o.B.: Million Dollar Misfits
Speaking of good features, Iggy and B.o.B. were perfectly complimentary on this track. It’s from Iggy’s debut album Glory, and it’s a fantastic summer jam.


35. Feist: Bittersweet Melodies (Christian Strobe Remix)
Not every summer song should be a club banger, and Strobe’s remix to Feist’s newly released single does something so fantastic to the original, but without compromising the song’s simple beauty.

And while the remix is brilliant, the original video for the song (released in April) was absolutely mind blowing. How amazing is this photographer for re-creating the past like this? Ahhh, sweet summer nostalgia.


34. Willow Smith: I Am Me
So many people hated or semi-hated on this track! C’mooon! But a lot of ya’ll had love for it, like me. I say go get ‘em Willow; auto-tune and all.


33. Tweet: Trouble
It was sooooooooo good to hear new music from Tweet, which she gave us just about every Tuesday. This was one of her best.


32. Haim: Forever
One of the coolest parts about making this list was discovering music that was completely new to me. The girls of Haim are all sisters under age 22; they will transport you back to the 90s, but then kinda the 80s and then yeah, then you’re just in love.


31. Melanie Fiona feat. J. Cole: This Time
Falling in love with Melanie Fiona via my love for J. Cole was an awesome experience. The beat was bumping, J. Cole was… J. Cole, and Melanie sang the ish outta this summer jam. Such a good baby-don’t-leave-me-I-promise-I’ma-change track; we need those in life.

  • Louise

    Hey Shannon,

    Sorry for hijacking your post here but would like to feedback to Trent if it’s possible to disable the small video of Hunger Games playing at the top right of each page? It plays automatically every time I load a page and it really slows everything and even hangs my computer sometimes. Would it be possible to set it such that if people want to watch, they can click Play instead?


    • Louise, thanks! I don’t know if we have control over these things, but I’ll check with Trent.

  • KiTX

    Shannon, I basically love you more every single day, but especially today when you made me feel MUCH MUCH better about secretly liking “Boyfriend” (subconsciously I knew it had potential for a great mix, that has to be it) and gave me a ridiculously fantastic playlist to get me through work. I would totally buy you a spiked lemonade/margarita for this one. =)

    • KiTX, just reading the words, “I would totally buy you a spiked lemonade/margarita” is enough to get me through the day, lol! Thanks so much for the comment– never be ashamed of what you like. At this point, it takes more courage to admit you like a Bieber song than to hate on it :)

      So glad you enjoyed!

  • I don’t mean this in an offensive way at all, but I just wanted to say that your taste in music, Shannon, is so hipster! LOL. But only because I find myself only knowing like a couple songs on this list and I’m trying to listen to the ones you listed ‘cos you seem to have an interesting taste in music.

    • Cybelle, no offense taken. I politely used the word “eclectic” but “hipster” works just fine! And I didn’t know at least 10 of the artists on this list a week ago but wanted this to be a comprehensive list (that was also pop) so I did a little (totally fun) research. I URGE you to check out the ones you don’t know! If you like music, it’s so fun to discover new sounds. I had no idea I was into electronica type stuff but apparently, I am. And honestly, if I had just stuck to “what I know” there would have been 27 rap songs and then Fiona Apple’s entire album. Gotta branch out sometime, lol.

      Hope you can enjoy!

  • Brandess

    Shannon, thank you for introducing me to the band “Haim”. How did I not know they existed until today? You have been such a fantastic addition to the PITNB family. I really look forward to your posts. Well done.

    • Brandess, so glad you enjoyed! I also couldn’t believe I hadn’t heard of them until a few days ago. They are so much fun!

      Thanks for the props Brandess! I really appreciate it :)

  • V

    These were great songs! Other lovely new summer finds;

    Peace – Follow Baby
    Milo Greene – 1957
    Emmy the Great – First Love