Justin Bieber Is Being Sued By A Concert-Goer Who Suffered Hearing Loss


Swaggy little Justin Bieber just can’t catch break these days! Stacey Wilson Betts is suing the singer for $9.2 million after taking her daughter to a concert (back in 2010) and subsequently suffering from hearing loss and other damages to her ear. Because it got really, really loud…? Unbeliebably strange, fishy-sounding deets inside.

E! News was first to report this:

Stacey Wilson Betts took her daughter to the Biebs’ concert back in July 2010 is suing the “Baby” crooner for a whopping $9.2 million after she allegedly suffered hearing loss, severe tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and hyperacusis (oversensitivity to sound) in both ears from the show.

According to court documents filed Wednesday and obtained by E! News, Betts claimed that “due to an unforeseen aspect of the show,” she was injured by a sound blast that “exceeded safe decibel levels.”

And just what was this unforeseen aspect?

“[Bieber] climbed into a heart shaped, aluminum/steel gondola and was pulled out over the crowd,” creating a “wave like effect of screaming” that “enticed the crowd into a frenzy of screams by continuously waving his arms in a quick and upward motion,” Betts said in the documents.

“Due to the negligence of Justin Bieber,” as well as that of the promoters and sound engineers who are “responsible to maintain safe decibels at all times during their events,” that steel gondola acted as “a sound conductor,” creating a “sound blast” that permanently damaged both of Betts’ ears, the complaint went on.

But, Bieber isn’t the only one the disgruntled mother is suing.

Betts also included the pop star’s label (Island Def Jam Records), the concert promoter and the arena in the suit for the “loss of quality of life and permanent disability and impairment to both of my ears.”

Read more seeming ridiculousness here.

Okay, does this story make any kind of sense to anybody? Is this real? You can sue somebody because you attended their concert and it was too loud? Perhaps I’m being dismissive here, but stories like this bother me because IF she’s out for the money, and IF BS is afoot then she becomes one more person who sued a celeb under false pretenses. Whenever a celebrity is accused of something, many of us assume the charges are falsified and that an individual is after that celeb’s money. And sometimes they are! But it really sucks for those people who have good reason to sue, because they have to combat a certain degree of skepticism. That skepticism wouldn’t exist without stories like this.

What do you guys think about the suit? Anybody suffered from severe tinnitus and hyperacusis recently? Care to go to bat for Mama Betts?


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  • Katie

    Lol! People will sue for anything. I remember my dad taking me to a NKOTB concert back in the day and he stuffed his ears with the bag from our cotton candy. Maybe she should have done something like that ;).

    • brandi

      ha! i love that they were selling cotton candy. seems appropriate for an NKOTB show back in the 90s but it’s hilarious to think about now.

  • Sue

    This reminds me of the guy who broke into someone’s house, got injured in the process, sued the people he was robbing, and won. You knew the risks of your behavior! Of course this lady was going to have some problems with her hearing after a concert. It’s a flippin concert. And to say it was the screaming that set of her problems is just silly. Yeah, lady – it’s the screaming of 50,000 preteen girls that caused your hearing loss. Not the fact that you are middle aged and have probably been to a number of loud concerts throughout your life. That’s why they invented earplugs. Ridic.

  • Freakinfatone

    You know, I’m starting to understand why celebs don’t like people. All you see is the worst, greedy sort who do stupid things like this and expect money.

  • Ama


    I went to a show on tuesday, after the first two bands I was suffering from hear loss. I knew why-because I was right next to the stage XD

    It’s to be expected to not be able to hear after going to a show-no matter what musician/band/performer you are going to see.

    • Ama

      **Seriously*** gah hate typing things on my phone.

  • KCDebi

    All concerts can be too loud for young ears – Parents should know that and make sure to bring ear plugs – most concert venues sell them too. My daughter is even sensitive to the pumped up sound in movie theaters and if we’ve forgotten ear plugs, she puts wadded up napkins in there. You can’t blame the venue or the artist when the whole idea is that it’s gonna be loud.

    Another reason this is bogus is that you can’t prove it was the music volume when the high-pitched constant squeals and screams of the other little girls are figured in there too.

  • Prudence

    Why is our society so letigious? Seriously people stay at home if you can’t play well with others. These frivolous lawsuits tie up the court system and just waste everyone’s time. I hope the judge orders her to pay for the legal expenses and fines her for a nuissance lawsuite…shamefull!!!

  • nicole

    can i sue every time he comes on the radio and gives me a headache?

    • @nicole — Actually, you can.

    • nicole, LMAO!

    • nicole

      @Trent & @Shannon – im gonna be rich bitch!

  • ck1

    Sue says: This reminds me of the guy who broke into someone’s house, got injured in the process, sued the people he was robbing, and won.

    That’s why you shoot ’em for breaking into your house so they won’t come back and sue you.


    • rOXy

      After a neighbors house was broken into and robbed, I spoke to the sheriff who responded to the incident. He said that if you are going to shoot someone who is in your home unauthorized, make sure you use lethal force, because they do sue and win if they live.

  • PixiesBassline

    Puh-lease! It must’ve given her brain damage too. How stupid!

    • Sara

      Exactly! Its a concert, expect it to be LOUD. Especially with Biebs and thousands of girls screaming. Some people are so freaking dumb!

  • rOXy

    Unreal someone would sue for that. Promoters will have to start including disclaimers on their events.

  • tiffany

    You can bet her daughter was screaming and only added to the so called hearing loss of other concert goers. These kind of law suits annoy me. this lady must be from Mars if she didn’t think the concert was going to be loud, or be full of screaming people. Hearing loss is a risk we take going to concerts. Its her choice and fault to take her daughter to see Beiber.

  • Patrick

    I have tinnitus and I’ll be the first to admit it can be kinda of a pain the ass hearing ringing all the time but it no way makes you deaf. I think she is just out for money i.v been to lots of concert’s and in no way blame the bands for my tinnitus. If it was the loud concert’s that did it it was for me to stop going to them. she needs to grow up its not te end of world like i said i have had tinnitus for years and i hear fine. kinda lol

    • Patrick, your last line (“kinda lol”) had me LOLing so bad! Thanks for sharing this :)