The Road To Recovery


Yes, today is my birthday (thank you all for the kind wishes and thank you Shannon for THIS amazingy post) but let me tell you about my day yesterday ;) I am very happy to report that my car has FINALLY be fixed good as new and is back home with me. I am also happy to report that my slight knee soreness appears to be under control. I am marginally happy to report that I successfully completed watching 7 seasons of Star Trek: Voyager. Yep, that was pretty much my Wednesday yesterday :)

At last, after almost 3 weeks in the shop, my car is back and good as new. Yes, it was a bit of a pain having to pay out money for my insurance deductible and 3 weeks of car rental but — the matter is over, the car is fixed … I’m moving on :) I went out for a short rehab run yesterday and my knee pain just started to flare up again but I do think the stretching and strengthening I’m doing is helping. I’m going to keep my runs short and see how things progress. As for Voyager, yes, I finished the series last night. I really love that show and was happy to finish it … but I’m gonna miss the routine I got into watching the show. I’ll have to find another series to obsess over.

Thank you all so much for your wonderful birthday messages. My Facebook page and Twitter profile are overrun with so much love from everyone, I really appreciate it. I’m asking for NO gifts, no cards, no drinks from anyone this birthday because I’m hoping everyone I know (including YOU guys) will donate a little something to my fundraising account for AIDS Project Los Angeles. As you know, I’ll be running the Honolulu Marathon in December and all the proceeds from my fundraising is going to APLA. If you would like to donate a little or a LOT and make my birthday TRULY awesome, you can do so HERE.

I’m taking it really easy for most of today — which is my gift to myself. I plan on going out for a short run in a bit then David is taking me to Disneyland tonight (for my 3rd birthday in a row). I’ll have photos, trust me :) Happy Thursday! Love you all!!!

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  • Glen CoCo-Franco

    Happy birthday Trent!

  • Oscar in Miami Beach

    Happy Birthday Trent and to David:make him pamper you even more today.Have a great day.Love you guys.

  • blaqfury

    I recommend Charmed as the next series you’re re-watching and obsessing over! Can’t get enough of that show…

  • Linh

    Happy birthday Trent! Hope to run into you when you are in Honolulu for the marathon!