Supermodel Chanel Iman Poses For Italian ‘Vogue’ Online


How have we not talked about Chanel Iman yet? The 21-year old supermodel is one of maybe three women I would strongly consider trading faces with. And her actual name is Chanel Iman (Ok, Chanel Iman Robinson, but still)! She may not be as statuesque as some of her supermodel counterparts, but 5′ 9 ain’t bad at all. And besides that, I’m pretty sure that she was born to model. Check out her latest spread, inspired by the African continent, for Vogue Italia online.

Chanel Iman The Great rocks Marc Jacobs and Miu Miu. Styles by Rushka Bergman:

Now whether or not we just went deep “inside Africa” is debatable, but I love these looks and you can see the cultural inspiration in the small details. Chanel wears a kente cloth pattern in the third photo, and the African lapa goes high fashion in the next picture.

What do you guys make of this photo shoot? I’m of the belief that Chanel Iman can do no wrong; she looks absolutely amazing here and– as usual– her facial features make no sense to me (in all the right ways). Love!


  • Fabio

    I love that hat.

  • Fabio

    I love that hat. She’s very beautiful and there really needs to be more women of colour on the cover.

    • Fabio, the hat is fab! The shoot was for Vogue online so she’s not on the cover, but it’ll be great to see her there one day!

  • LaToya

    I wanna trade those pert boobies! Lol

    • LaToya, lmao! I don’t even know where you get boobs like that– props to her!

  • JCZ

    I’d like to know the other 2 faces Shannon, haha!

    • JCZ: Lauren London and Kerry Washington. I never get tired of looking at them! But truth be told, I enjoy my own face quite a bit, lol :)

  • Keely

    Gorgeous. Wow.