Watch: ‘The X Factor’ Releases A Surprisingly Catty Britney Spears Promo Video


The open auditions for the forthcoming second season of The X Factor have been completed. Britney Spears, Demi Lovato, Antonio L.A. Reid and Simon Cowell completed their final round of judging for the open auditions in Greensboro, NC yesterday, bringing to a close many weeks of contestant performances. Now that the auditions phase has been completed, The X Factor has a new promo commercial ready for release. As you may have heard, over the course of the auditions process our dear Britney Spears has garnered a reputation for being a harsh judging critic … which is made clear in the new X Factor promo you can watch in full below.

OMG, are you kidding me with this? LOVING THIS CLIP SO MUCH! I think many people assumed that Britney would be the push-over judge but from what I’ve been hearing, she’s been anything but a push-over. I’ve heard some silly things said about Britney by way of Twitter in the past few weeks. Some people have been very heavy-handed with their criticism of Britney for being “so harsh” in her judging of contestants … naturally, these are the sorts of things that one simply cannot pay any attention to. This promo video shows a more critical Britney, yes, but clearly her criticism is tempered in a cute and funny way. Again, let me repeat, I LOVE THIS CLIP SO MUCH!

But, lest you think that all Britney does is dole out harsh criticism, here is fanshot video of Britney on her feet and dancing in support of a contestant performing the Vanilla Ice classic jam Ice, Ice Baby:

It looks to me like Britney is having a blast … whether she’s judging, or dancing, or whatever … she’s got a glow in her eye, a smile on her face and she just looks happy. I cannot tell you how excited I am to watch Britney on The X Factor this Fall. She is definitely the right person to sit in the judges chair where The X Factor is concerned:

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  • twitter_teblue

    I love the promo! When you she raise her hand, it’s so flawless.

    • @twitter_teblue — Flaw-Less!

  • glitter

    I LOVE the gif you so slyly sneaked in without comment. LOL!

    • @glitter — …….

  • MM

    This promo is just silly smoke and mirrors trying to use Britney’s name to get ratings. My friend has been at all of the auditions so far, and I’ve been to a couple myself, and my impression is that Britney is a fair judge and very sweet, if succinct – but that she doesn’t ad-lib or joke around at all like the other 3 judges so she appears to be the more quiet and shy one.

    I still think it’s crappy that they switched Britney’s seat with Demi Lovato’s though because it’s Simon Cowell’s show so obviously the seat next to him is the “money” seat. If you could see the way Demi obnoxiously talks over everyone and trys to constantly direct attention to herself, you would definitely think of her as the star of the judges table, not Britney. Simon and Demi constantly tease each other back and forth and it’s just nauseating to watch.

    I have a feeling watching this show is going to raise my blood pressure because I get very annoyed when Britney is exploited and disrespected. I hope she completes just one season of the show and moves on to bigger and better things. She’s too good for a lame show like this.

  • helen

    So bitchyyyyy!!! I LOVE IT!!!!

  • rOXy

    That gif made my day!! The small things.

  • Hahha.. that GIF!! Just Perfect!;)

  • Krissy

    It kind of reminds me of Chaotic “You can’t handle my truth” Britney. I iike her more when she’s being sweet.

  • dot

    LOVE IT!!! Will there be a way to watch X Factor online? I don’t have cable but who knows I might have to get it ;)

    • @dot — The X Factor will air on Fox, a network available on any TV (no cable required)

    • dot

      awesome, thanks!!

  • Alys

    @MM – Interesting commentary. Admittedly Demi isn’t bringing in the ratings via name recognition in the same way Britney would be, I think. She’s /Britney/. So to see her used that way… I’ll wait until they come out with the show, but ugh.

  • Oh, goody, the contestants must be thinking, I get to be critiqued by someone who can’t sing and can no longer dance and who has to be monitored by a conservatorship in order to make a move. ??? I get that Britney’s a STAHHHH but for real.

    • Mitchell

      You are quite wonderful in how you have Britney’s career and psychological state bundled up in one, neat little package. I’ve never known such astute examination. But maybe you’re intimate with her and decided it was Christmas, a time to bestow gifts upon the world like a true STAHHHH.

    • Danielle

      @Mitchell LOL

    • Louigi12

      @Matthew Rettenmund: Since when has a qualification for judging X Factor or American Idol been an amazing singing voice?

      Paula Abdul? Jennifer Lopez? Simon Cowell? Randy Jackson? L.A. Reid? Ellen Degeneres? Kara Dioguardi?

      I’m so tired of Britney’s qualifications for this role being questioned. Sorry she’s not Madonna, but she’s just as qualified as any of the other judges to be on that panel. And you know that’s right.

  • marc

    Oh Clitney…

    You are a star, true. A huge, huge, bundle of the IT factor. True. But YOU definitely shouldn’t be JUDGING others, Sweetie.. AND neither should Trent. just sayinnnnnnn’

    • ClaireMichelle

      You just said she has the IT factor and is a star. That is what this particular show is looking for. They have even said they aren’t looking for the best singer, they are looking for the person with the X factor. So by your assessment of Britney, she actually is qualified. I think she will be a great judge and has a lot to teach the contestants. She has been there and done that.

  • Tracy

    Ewww @ Clitney. That is gross.

  • Rag

    If britbrit stuck a stick up her ass til she bled you would make a post about how awesome she is for doing it. Why throw shade at an artist who has been nominated three years in a row for album of the year? How many times has britbrit been nominated? Oh right. Gay britney fans are just as annoying as justin bieber fans.

    • @Rag — U Mad?

    • Danielle

      @trent …somebody better call the wahhhhmbulance :*(

    • cutitout

      I’d say!lol.

  • Tate

    Trent is back to his bullying gaga ways.

    • @Tate — Your gross misuse of the term “bullying” is terribly offensive.

  • Wow, I assumed Britany would be a “push over.” I’m glad to see that she is not and is actually being a judge. I’ve always like Britany, even when she had a lot of promblems. It seems as though that is behind her now.