Watch: ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Releases The First Clip Of Footage From The Film


We are growing ever close to the theatrical release of The Dark Knight Rises and as opening day draws near, more and more promo materials for the film are being released. A smattering of first reviews have already come to light and Warner Bros. released an impressive 13-minute featurette on the film. Last night, Jimmy Kimmel Live guest Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who stars in TDKR, debuted the first clip of actual footage from the film. Click below to see JGL’s character interact with Gotham Police Commissioner Jim Gordon (played by Gary Oldman).

This is a great clip. We get a good taste of the mood of the film without having anything spoiled. Something tells me that JGL’s character will turn out to be pretty significant but … that’s just a guess on my part. I am really trying to stay away from ALL spoilers from now on so I’m happy that this clip isn’t spoilery at all.

In other Dark Knight Rises news, folks who will attend midnight screenings of the film in IMAX have something besides the film to look forward to … they will be given the opportunity to go home with a very neat souvenir:

This poster of Bane will be given away to IMAX attendees at midnight showings of The Dark Knight Rises next week. SO, if you don’t already have your tickets, you might be out of luck. Those of you who do have IMAX tix, be on the lookout for this poster.


  • bosie

    not a big fan of Bane…mre of a Catwoman fan.

  • Alyssa

    JGL’s character will be the next Batman. At least, that’s my guess.

    • Jerd

      I very much doubt they’ll move onto who the next Batman will be in this trilogy. Besides, if its anywhere near the comics, we’d need to see Dick Grayson in some form or another I think.