Katie Holmes Reportedly Ended Her Marriage To Tom Cruise With A Disposable Phone


Now that we know that Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise have reached a divorce settlement just about 2 weeks after she surprised him with divorce papers, the only question that remains about the divorce itself is HOW did Katie manage to pull this off? There is a lot of speculation about what went down (everyone, myself included, has an opinion about what they think went down) but a new report from the LA Times makes the claim that it was careful planning on Katie’s part that got the whole divorce ball rolling — on her terms. Apparently, Katie first got in commutation with her divorce attorneys by way of a disposable cell phone. In doing so, the report maintains, she managed to blindside Cruise with a fully formed divorce plan that worked PERFECTLY to her advantage. Brilliant. Just, brilliant.

Katie Holmes set the wheels in motion for her divorce from Tom Cruise using a throwaway cellphone provided by a friend to initially talk to her lawyers and avoid her husband knowing about the conversations, according to a source familiar with the divorce. The move allowed her to prepare her legal case without Cruise and his staff knowing she was about to exit the marriage and left him shocked at the sudden divorce. By the time a deal was struck last weekend to end the marriage, she hired three law firms in three states. Holmes will now have primary custody of her 6-year-old daughter, Suri, with Cruise in a quick, behind-closed-doors divorce settlement. But the “Mission: Impossible” star will still have a “meaningful relationship” with his child. The agreement provides Cruise with visitation rights but gives Holmes the lead role in choosing how Suri will be educated, a source said Monday. With a prenuptial agreement governing the distribution of assets, talks between lawyers for Cruise, a prominent member of the Church of Scientology, and Holmes, who was raised Roman Catholic, centered on the role of Scientology in the upbringing of Suri, according to a source familiar with the negotiations but not authorized to discuss them publicly. Holmes wanted guarantees in the settlement to ensure nothing is done while their daughter is with Cruise that would “alienate” Suri from her, the sources said. Cruise and Holmes appeared to refer to the religious component of their split in a joint statement: “We want to keep matters affecting our family private and express our respect for each other’s commitment to each of our respective beliefs and support each other’s roles as parents,” they said … The confidential deal was hammered out over the weekend in New York and announced Monday, 11 days after Holmes took the entertainment industry and reportedly her husband by surprise with the filing of divorce papers in Manhattan.

Bravo, Katie … BRAVO! I could tell from the start that Katie Holmes was in control of this break-up. I mean, yes, when I first learned that the couple were splitting, I assumed that Tom — at the very least — had a hand in the way the break-up would play out in the public. But it became quickly very apparent to me that Katie decided to take matters into her own hands ensure that she was in the driver’s seat. Katie is very lucky that she has good friends close to her and a lawyer for a father. I’m convinced that her inner non-Scientology circle helped her pull off this divorce expertly. People, most “regular” divorces take months to settle … this high profile celebrity divorce took days. I’m just crazy impressed with Katie Holmes, I can’t even tell you. I am so excited for the next phase of her life. She’s already proven to be a much more shrewd person than I anticipated. I wonder what other surprises she has in store.


  • Jacqui

    sleeping with the enemy!

  • Katie

    She is like a divorce ninja ;).

    • bleeding ears


    • Laura from San Francisco

      hahahahaha love it

    • Jackie

      I love that! Will call Katie that from now on. :D

    • LaToya

      Best line lol

  • ella

    First, this tells me that Katie Holmes is effing brilliant, and I’m so proud of her.

    Second, this tells me that things must have been really bad. The way she had to sneak around like that reminds me of how women who are being physically abused have to make and follow elaborate plans to get out (not at all saying that she was physically abused, just saying it must have been a really serious situation – she must have had a lot of cause to worry about how things were gonna go down when she left).

    And she must have seen firsthand how Cruise/Scientology intentionally alienated Connor and Isabella from Nicole…

    • nonono

      That’s what I was thinking too. I don’t know the whole story of the Nicole/Tom thing, but she lost her kids in the deal, and one can assume Katie saw the writing on the wall.

      I think Nicole got a bad rap for leaving her kids behind back in her day, but the way her kids were alienated from her, and how Katie set up strong legally binding rules to prevent the same thing from happening makes me think Nicole got shafted back then.

    • Meghan

      Completely agree with this ella. I thought the same thing. He may not have been physically abusive, but the kind of control he exerts over Katie’s life is abuse in itself. Bravo Katie!

    • ella

      “the kind of control he exerts over Katie‚Äôs life is abuse in itself.”

      Completely agree.

  • ella

    They should make a movie about this, like that movie Not Without My Daughter :p

    • jj

      The question is Ella, which big studio Paramount, Universal etc would dare to make the movie because Tom Cruise would not be happy and he has a relationship with most movie studios I think?
      Agreed she was in a very very serious situation. Only someone literally fearing for their lives would plan an exit like she did. I am very proud of her I didn’t think she had it in her. David Misgiave’s wife supposedly hasn’t been seen for years. Doesn’t mean she is dead but doesn’t mean she isn’t being held against her will either.

    • ella

      Oh I was joking… she must have agreed to a non-disclosure deal so her story won’t be coming out.

      I was reading about Miscavige’s wife the other day.After reading stories about that man, I fully believe that if she’s not dead, she’s being held against her will. And this guy was the best man at Tom and Katie’s wedding, so, that tells you what kind of situation Katie was in and why she needed to use a disposable phone to get out. Miscavige is a scary, scary man and I hope he is eventually brought down.

  • jj

    Agreed Trent. She is VERY lucky she had good friends and family who were there to support her otherwise this would never have worked. My question though Trent is what happens to Tom Cruise now. Usually when something like this happens Scientologists are asked to disconnect from the person who walked away. Many families have apparently been split up because of situations like this. So do you think there will be an out cry in the church because Tom Cruise is getting special treatment. He gets to see Suri while other members are not allowed. Will this cause more problems for the greedy money hungry tyrant David Misgraive?

    • Courtney

      Someone had commented on a previous post that maybe they think Suri is some special reincarnated Scientology god. I don’t know enough about Scientology to word it as well as they did, and I know that idea seems crazy, but anything is possible with that “religion”. And it would fit into the theory of why Tom still gets to see her.

  • helen

    Wow… just, wow!! I really underestimated her, as you said in a previous post Trent, I think we all saw her as a robot stepford wife. I’m really proud of her, any person who is as smart as she is to be able get his/herself out of these type of, i won’t say abusive, but maybe oppresive situations, deserves our complete respect. Even more when we’re talking about a mother who’s fighting not only for herself but to get better life conditions for her daughter also.
    On the other hand… GOSH!! I would’ve paaayyy to see Tom’s face when he found out about the whole charade! This was a BIG slap in the face for him AND the scientology church. I’m sure that people as powerful as them thought they were untouchable and never thought they’d be outsmarted, even less by poor little Miss Katie!! They never knew what hit them!!

    • Courtney

      Ya know, this whole time, I thought that Tom was just controlling Katie. But now, I’m wondering if she hasn’t just been ACTING dumb and submissive in order to gather information and get out of this relationship.

  • Lulu

    Go Katie!! Sounds like Momma Bear instinct is in full gear, and got the job done.

  • All I can say now is, “Free at last! Free at last! Thank G-D Almighty Katie’s free at last!” Well done!

  • Alicia

    Wow! Disposable phones like in the Wire. Katie used a burner, lmao…

  • woodroad34

    Too bad Nicole didn’t have the same help. Those adopted kids of her’s and Tom’s are sure to be indoctrinated robo-kids.

  • nicole

    hmm nice to see Katies got a bit of a gangster side in her using those disposable phone.
    this just shows…never under estimate anybody. Katie is one smart cookie.

  • Jan

    Tom auditioning for American Idol


  • Geret

    LOL @ Divorce Ninja

  • Spice

    She definitely owned her decision and took important steps to protect herself which shows a lot of planning and thought.

    But Bravo? I just don’t share the excitement about the demise of a relationship. It’s kind of sad to watch things not work out and end.

    Personally – I think she should have used some of that ability to think and plan so well in the beginning of the relationship and not tried to take vows for a lifetime commitment with someone who she didn’t share the same love for the same religion or would be the bigger personality in the relationship if she couldn’t handle it.

    • Paul

      I am also confused by the comments here. Both Katie Holmes and Nicole Kidman knew Tom Cruise was into Scientology before they married Cruise, and unless they are complete idiots, they would have been aware of Scientology’s reputation. Plus I have a hard time believe Katie was all that oppressed, when she has spent a good deal of the last 5 years doing movies, TV, and Broadway shows in addition to having a baby.

      This seems to be like just another standard short Hollywood marriage to me, except because the prevailing belief that Scientology is some kind of Mafia religion, the wife can actually sway public opinion to her side with these bizarre stories of disposable phones and secret pre-divorce lawyer discussions in multiple states. You can discuss divorce with your lawyers for years before you tell your husband, but the real reason a divorce settlement occurs quickly is when both parties involved decide not to fight.

  • Tiny

    Um, maybe her dad, the lawyer, told her how to do this stuff and he and his staff are the brains? She’s smart to follow instructions, but maybe we’re giving her a lot of credit that goes to people behind the scenes who have tons of experience with the same sort of thing?

  • Tiny

    Um, maybe her dad, the lawyer, told her how to do this stuff and he and his staff are the brains? She’s smart to follow instructions, but maybe we’re giving her a lot of credit that goes to people behind the scenes who have tons of experience with the same sort of thing?

  • Itsdigitalbro

    I’m just glad Katie made it out of the relationship alive! Scientology seems like such a creepy religion! How is such a well-funded organization so secretive without being considered a cult?

  • Caroline

    divorce ninja = brilliant!

    She always seemed to independent and confident when she was younger and then when she married Tom, everything sort of changed for her. She appeared to become timid and meek. Pulling off this sort of plan shows that she’s still the smart, confident woman she always was but was just being suppressed by Tom and Scientology. Way to go Katie.

    As Sheldon Cooper would say, BAZINGA!

  • Rose-with-thorns

    she gained my respect , from now on i will watch her movies

  • Kelly

    Trent do you believe the statement from Tom’s lawyer stating scientology had nothing to do with this? I’ve noticed only Tom’s camp making statements regarding what they are saying is off base. Part of the terms… He can talk, she cannot?

    • @Kelly — No, I do not believe Tom’s lawyer at all. I don’t know that I believe that only Tom’s lawyers can speak publicly but it seems very smart to me for Katie’s people to remain silent. She gets no benefit from getting into a she said/he said public debate. She’s already won, she has the public on her side … she doesn’t have to say anything at all.

  • Kelly

    T–true, true! :0)