Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis Go For A Motorcycle Ride Together


Ever since Demi Moore filed for divorce from Ashton Kutcher (reportedly over allegations that he cheated on her during their marriage), people have been waiting for Ashton to hook up with a new lady. Back in April, Ashton and his former That 70’s Show co-star Mila Kunis were spotted on a dinner date … but at the time (and a few times since) the couple have denied any romantic involvement. And you know what, that may very well be true. BUT, the pair really do enjoy spending time together … as friends or whatever. Recently, the pair were spied kissing at a 4th of July party (maybe it was a friendly kiss) and over the weekend, they went on a motorcycle ride together. The couple may claim that they are not romantically involved but there is no denying that they are very close.

It seems Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis’ secret romance has entered the fast lane. The pair, who are yet to confirm their relationship, were spotted on a motorcycle ride in Hollywood yesterday. The Two and a Half Men actor, 34, met up with the 28-year-old after she’d worked out at the gym. They headed to the Hollywood Forever cemetery along with her family on what is understood to have been the anniversary of her grandmother’s death. The former That 70s Show costars have been increasingly inseparable in recent times, making it clear that the pair’s relationship is no longer platonic. They celebrated the Fourth Of July together at his family’s house last week, where they were seen kissing and cuddling during the day. Mila however is doing her best to keep the romance under wraps, and told Elle magazine’s August issue: ‘I am totally single… Listen, we hang out. We’ve known each other for 15 years. We have mutual friends. We’re comfortable with one another. That’s it! There’s no crazy love story, nothing more.’

I dunnoooooooo … methinks the lady doth protest too much. While the pair may have been friends for 15 years, I think they are at the perfect time in both of their lives to move their relationship to the next level. Some of the most successful love affairs are borne from strong friendships. While it’s true that Ashton and Mila may still be “just friends”, I’m willing to believe that they won’t stay “just friends” forever. Call it a hunch but I can see these two happening. Stay tuned.

[Photo credit: X17; Source]

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    I feel bad for Demi having to see this sort of news… It would just make me terribly sick to have to see the man I loved (enough to marry) with another woman, who was so much younger than me and very beautiful.