Will ‘American Idol’ Loser Adam Lambert Become The Next ‘American Idol’ Judge?


Back in May we heard from “sources” that Jennifer Lopez is seriously serious about NOT returning to judge American Idol next season. If true, then the folks at AI are going to need someone to take her place on the judging panel. So, who would be a good judge to help pick the next American Idol? Well, a new report out today is claiming that Idol producers are going after Adam Lambert — a former Idol contestant who LOST his season of competition — to become the new judge. HMMM. Does it really make sense to have a former AI loser help determine the next AI winner?

What the next season of American Idol will look like is anybody’s guess right now. The latest name to be floated around at Fox as a possible new judge is—get ready for it—Idol alum Adam Lambert! “They have been talking about Adam for over a month,” a source exclusively tells E! News. “He personifies the show, and will be a popular choice right from the start. He knows what it’s like to be on the receiving end of the judges’ comments, he has a human touch, and they know they can’t go wrong if they bring him on. He would be able to bring a unique perspective to the show. People love him.” As E! News first told you, Jennifer Lopez has no plans to return for a third time at the judges’ table. As for Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler … A source tells us that they are not necessarily going to be back either. “Randy is great, but he’s part of the old Idol,” the source said. “They want to keep the soul of the show but have a new look, and for that reason he may well not be part of the new line up.” A Tyler source confirms the Aerosmith frontman isn’t sure of his future. “All up in the air,” the source said. “We shall see.” Fox will, multiple sources confirm, try to change Lopez’s mind. “I don’t know if they can afford Jennifer, but they have let it be known that she has a guaranteed spot if she wants it,” one of the sources said. “She appeals to everyone so the big bosses are in favor of keeping her on” … A rep for Fox declined to comment for this story. Critics have complained that Lopez, Tyler and Jackson haven’t been as harsh as past judging panels. “People are saying they’re too sweet and too nice, but once you’ve put somebody that you love in the top 10 and they’re coming every week and being good, it’s hard to critique,” Lythgoe said. “It’s not like dancing, where you can say point your toes, spread your legs. It’s more like, ‘When you hit that top note, just smile.'”

Honestly, I have nothing against Adam Lambert at all … but it seems completely foolish to turn an American Idol loser into the next judge. I mean, it just doesn’t make any sense. Nor does it seem very wise to get rid of all the judges and install new ones. Yes, I believe that Randy Jackson and Stephen Tyler are terrible judges but, if I’m being completely honest, it just feels like American Idol has really outlasted its importance. I’m not a fan of any signing competition shows, not even The X Factor. In the end, no matter who wins, it’s all so disposable. Take, for example, the most recent American Idol winner Phillip Phillips. Does anyone really enjoy this guy as a musician? He’s a reality TV show star and his fame will wane. I couldn’t even list the last 5 AI winners off the top of my head. They are so forgettable. If American Idol is now thinking of bringing back AI losers to judge the show then they really have run out of options. I think it’s time for the show series to just come to an end. I mean, seriously.


  • Erin

    I <3 Adam… He should have won. Seriously, what is Kris Allen doing now? Definitely not singing with Queen or anything…I've lost interest in AI also… Beginning with Adam coming in 2nd (bc I don't feel like he lost). That being said, Adam as a judge would have me watching again…

  • nicole

    i stopped watching the day Chris Daughtry got voted off (the man got robbed).
    although Adam’s Career is doing well, i dont think hes the right former idol to bring on – mind you i dont think bringing any former idol will really help.(not even Kelly or Carrie)

  • Dezden

    Pleaseee no. Nothing against Adam, but… no.

  • rOXy

    I think it could work. He would bring serious professionalism to the task, he would give an honest opinion, he knows how it feels to be on the stage, and he has a great heart.

  • DC

    agree 100% Trent

  • MattG

    Agree 110% ;)

    It’s time for AI to end…it’s worn out its welcome.

  • Spider3tattoo

    Please, he would have won his season if he hadn’t been outted as gay during it. He was clearly a better singer/performer than anyone else, including Kris. I think he’d add something to the judging that’s been missing since Simon left. Real, honest critique. However, given that what the judges ‘say’ now, and the fact they are caught checking notes…the remarks made are no doubt being scripted by the producers. I’d hate to see Adam lose his credibility like the others have. As much as I’d love to watch him do this, I say don’t do it Adam.

  • This is a bad idea all around. Trent, I have to agree with you that all of the last 4 or 5 winners have been the same bland guy with a guitar thing. There hasn’t been one female winner since Jordin Sparks in 2007! I personally haven’t watched a single episode of the show since Adam Lambert’s season, it’s been that bad. Also, let’s remember that most of the votes come from middle America who likes very plain wrapped, middle of the road, controversy free Idols. Sorry to say, but Adam Lambert doesn’t fit that mold. Actually he’s better than that and the sad truth is that if he becomes a judge on the show the ratings will fall. Not necessarily because people might think he would make a bad judge but because middle America is still very homophobic.

  • Alys

    American Idol lost its relevance about a season and a half after Carrie Underwood won. Hollywood flogged this horse into a gaseous cloud outline of a pony, there’s not even any substance anymore.

  • Lauren

    I have to disagree about Phillip Phillips. I really like what I’ve seen from him so far musically, and I’m excited to see what he does on his first album.

    I do agree that it makes no sense to bring back a former Idol contestant that did not win, though.

  • helen

    I can’t stand Adam Lambert and his stage drama. Please don’t.

    • barbls

      You are why AI is going down hill. What a ridiculous statement to make. AI is all about what you call drama and voice and performance. All you seem to want is bland, mediocre and second rate performers. Well there is a lot of us that want more and Adam Lambert being a judge would ensure that we will get it! He is the most amazing, exciting performer I have ever seen. He would definitely know if someone hits that note or nailed a performance. He is also nurturing and would be constructive as he showed when he was a mentor on the show!!

  • Jim

    If the Idol Judges were all former contestants, that could be something. You would need some contestants that had something to say and took some hits from the judges and Adam did fit that.

  • david

    adam lambert might not have won but he is more talented than jlo. so what if he lost…do u think jlo, paula, steven would have ever had a chance at the competition? i think not. i dont think having the ability to sing even makes the difference between a bad judge or a good one. i guess i dont see your logic on this post.

  • Varrianda

    Not sure if Lambert has enough experience to judge other wannabes. Having said that, I haven’t even watched AI in a long time. I’ve been moving on to new shows like the CW’s ReModeled – https://share.remodeledtalent.com – to get my drama fix.

  • awabin

    I don’t like Jennifer Lopez, so I quit watching American Idol, I’m glad she is not a judge.

  • barbls

    Who else but Adam Lambert. You just need to see him perform with Queen in London yesterday to see why! He owns any stage he is on with a voice that is beyond belief. He is one of AI’s own that is witty, intelligent, fun and would not compromise his judgment. He would bring AI back to life and restore honesty and truth to the Judges Panel! He is also so gorgeous and adorable to look at!! I would definitely tune in again. Adam so rocked it with Queen. The best concert I have ever seen!!

  • Bev Lambert

    that would be awesome !!! Adam lambert will be the most PERFECT JUDGE ever in the history of AMERICAN IDOL !!!!! he should be the oNe who WON !!!!! but, its okay !! atleast, he will be back at the AI stage :))) we love ADAM :)))) FOREVER !!!!! i cant wait to buy his second album : TRESSPASING