Watch: ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 3 Releases New Footage Of Michonne In Action


At the end of season 2 of The Walking Dead, we were briefly introduced to a nameless character — a woman carrying a big sword and leading two armless and chained zombies. Those of us familiar with the comic book version of The Walking Dead know that character as Michonne. Today we get to check out new footage of Michonne in action in the forthcoming 3rd season of The Walking Dead and as you can see below, she is a total badass. Check it out.

This new footage was released on the AMC series Talking Dead, a show devoted to discussion of The Walking Dead. It was released ahead of the start of 2012 San Diego Comic-Con later this week … and it is awesome. I am not that well read in the Walking Dead comics but I’m really looking forward to more Michonne in the coming third season of the show. This is a great first look at the coming season, I can’t wait to see more.


  • Meghan

    So excited to see this character in action!

  • Lauren

    “video has been removed by user”…

    • @Lauren — The video has been replaced by blogger.

  • Lexifer

    As a fan of the comics, I unfort lost interest in the tv series :(

  • Samantha

    Thanks for the link trent, this will make my hubby really happy :D I can’t wait to see how the dynamic of the characters shifts so suddenly.


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