Watch: Is Abercrombie & Fitch Acknowledging Its Homosexuality?


So far this month Anderson Cooper came out as gay, Frank Ocean of Odd Future came out as gay and now, it would seem, that Abercrombie & Fitch has come out as gay. For many, many years A&F has flirted with homoeroticism in the way they market their clothing. In catalogs, promo images and promo videos, scantily clad men are seen posing in various states of undress in a seeming attempt to show homosexual love … or, at least, fraternity. A new promo video for A&F, directed by photographer Bruce Weber, shows mostly naked men embracing and kissing in a shower. Is this Abercrombie & Fitch’s way of coming out?

Abercrombie & Fitch has had a long history with homoerotic imagery in their marketing. In fact, there’s no doubt the clothing retailer’s male-objectifying ads have been the lifeblood of the brand. Yet, the company has routinely denied the gayer side of their famous photos. However, it now appears A&F marketing may be creeping out of the closet. A series of four promotional videos, directed by Bruce Webber, focusing on the sport of wrestling (no, that’s not gay at all) have been produced for the clothing retailer and one in particular sails into uncharted Abercrombie territory. The video Other Sports Require One Ball not only features a steamy shower scene, but a guy-on-guy smooch as well. We’re curious to see if Abercrombie & Fitch will try to sweep this one under the rug (he just slipped in the shower) or if the company will finally have the balls to admit they’re just a tad bit gay.

In many instances, family and close friends say that they knew of a person’s homosexuality before that person officially came out to them … I think the same situation applies here. A&F is gay … that is, for decades they have marketed themselves to gay consumers with their advertising. This latest video is no different. Maybe it is time for A&F to just admit it to themselves, I think pretty much everyone else already knows the truth.


  • Spider3tattoo

    That still shot is hot. The video is even hotter, and yeah that’s so homoerotic they can’t even backtrack. OneMillionIdiots will have (another) field day with this. I wish more companies would step up to the plate and show the masses the ok-ness of 2012 every day life.

  • amanda

    thats HOT !
    2012 – wake up people
    its NEVER mattered WHO you love , but HOW you love

  • Jennie

    I don’t know that a company can be “gay.” Unless you believe the ridiculous assertion that a corporation is a legal “person.” A corporation is made up of a lot of individuals who can’t possibly ALL be gay. I would say this is more a case of being “gay for pay,” in that they see an opportunity to market their product in a certain way to a certain demographic in order to maximize sales. It certainly stands out in a market that’s saturated with objectifying women, and I’m all for the idea of normalizing homosexuality. Portraying gay love in the mainstream media? Awesome! But is A&F actually gay? Probably not.

  • Stef

    Good for them they don’t discriminate based of sexuality, just race.

    • Ben@pr

      Agreed, not so much race diversity.

  • Robert

    That vid’s been around for a while now – I think Trent may have even posted it.

    • @Robert — Yes, this video was released this season (ie. a few weeks ago) and no I didn’t post it before.

  • JD

    It is well known that the comapany’s CEO, Mike Jeffries, is homosexual. This shouldn’t surprise anyone.