Watch: ‘Dexter’ Season 7 Releases A New Dark Passenger Promo Video


Showtime has released a new promo video for the forthcoming new season of Dexter and unlike the incredibly teasing promo video we got last time, this new promo video is a bit more interesting. In the clip below, you can watch Dexter lament the fact that his Dark Passenger has been exposed to the person closest to him … and as a result, he’s not sure what will happen next. Clearly, that will be the theme of the coming 7th season of the show. Check out this new promo video and see for yourselves.

I. LOVE. This. Video. The artistic nature with the way Dexter struggles with his uncertainty is expertly showcased in this clip. It’s also a bit sexy to see flashes of both Deb Morgan, his sister, and Dexter in the same bed. I hope we get to see more promo videos like this because, damn, my excitement level has gone way up. Woot!


  • Janaegal

    Is it September yet?!?

  • Cant wait for the season 7 to begin!! Debra knowing about Dexter’s dark passenger makes this season very special.. Damn SHOWTIME is teasing us with these promo videos ;)

  • amanda

    Not only do we have to wait until September …. but the bloody END on September !!!!!
    Fack …sniffle