Watch: Brad Pitt’s Brother Addresses Mama Pitt’s Anti-Obama, Anti-Gay Letter


Brad Pitt’s younger brother Doug sat down with Matt Lauer on the Today Show, primarily to speak about his new Virgin Mobile ad which has gone totally viral. But Doug also talked about life as baby bro Pitt and the recent headlines concerning their mother (Jane Pitt) and the anti-Obama, anti-gay letter she wrote to the Missouri News-Leader. Hear what Doug has to say for the Family Pitt inside.

Doug Pitt on the Today Show

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What do ya’ll make of his “defense”? In our comments section on the Jane Pitt post some people suggested that– family or no– somebody in the Pitt family (like Brad) should speak out against Jane Pitt’s comments. But Doug seems content to play the “every-family” card, which may actually be the reality of things.

Oh, and here’s Doug’s full ad. Pretty funny. One million views and counting, lol.


  • muchacha

    He missed an opportunity here to speak out against hate. Too bad.

  • Tricia

    Love the ad, love the way you can see Brad Pitt in him, and love how obviously cool he is with his brother. I am very pro-choice, pro-marriage equality and have lots of arguments with friends and family who have different (more conservative) opinions. I always speak up to them when they say things I disagree with (probably to my detriment in some cases). However, I think it would be really unfair for me to be held accountable for what my family members or friends say in public. We all know Brad disagrees with his mom – he has clearly and quite publically said what he thinks (and financially supported)- that is all he has to do.We all know moms do what moms do…

    • @Tricia — “I think it would be really unfair for me to be held accountable for what my family members or friends say in public. We all know Brad disagrees with his mom”

      Very well said.

    • Whitney

      I also agree, we can’t be held accountable for what family members say. Otherwise we would all be in trouble and disliked by many. I don’t know one person who doesn’t have a person in their family who isn’t an embarrassment. All you can do is ask why they feel this way and hopefully change their mind a little.

    • @Whitney — Don’t EVEN get me started about members of my family. OY!

    • beth

      i agree well said

    • you know….i agree to not being accountable to a family member to the degree of how mediocre or normal the family is. in this case, brads family is not mediocre. his mom has the most famous son in the world. its not like she’s estranged. they hang out. they’re photographed. he brings her on red carpets. she’s exposed. and i think it was SO unfair for her to write that piece. why make it public? its because she has a platform. shese brad pitts mom!! why let someone have a platform for hate? if it was a regular jane, i agree that you should be held dangerous is a regular jane? but jane PITT? very powerful.

    • it should read shouldn’t* in the second last line

  • Tracy

    I agree that you cannot be held accountable for what a family member or friend might say. But, I also think she should have kept her opinion to herself. She just spews such hate it makes me sick to my stomach. I think she should stay in MO, and away from the peopole she hates so much. They claim to be christians but GOD/Jesus was about love and not hate. He created us all we are who we are met to be and to hate that is to hate GOD/Jesus. IMO!

    • Denise

      Whether you agree with her or not, she has a right to voice her opinion, just like Brad does.

    • @Denise — I agree, the more hateful people come out of the closet, as it were, to show their true colors the more we can understand how much work has to be done by the rest of us to save our society.