Scarlett Johansson Will Get A Record Breaking $20 Million For ‘The Avengers’ Sequel


It’s a good day to be Scar-Jo, but what else is new? The actress who rocked the ish out of her role as Black Widow in The Avengers will receive a cool $20 million for the sequel. Angelina Jolie most recently got $19 million for The Tourist, but as PITNBrs Janaegal and meme pointed out, Julia Roberts got $20 million for Erin Brockovich back in 2000. So I’m thinking $20 million is the record for any actress in a movie sequel. Either way, Scarlett’s getting paaaaid.

The HuffPost has the deets, although you’ve already got the most important [$20 million] part:

Scarlett Johansson’s turn as Black Widow in “The Avengers” was so well-received that producers are willing to throw some serious cash her way for the sequel. According to The New York Post, she has been offered a record-breaking $20 million to reprise her role in the second film.

For some perspective, Forbes ranked Kristen Stewart as last year’s highest-paid actress, but she can “only” bank about $12.5 million per film (Stewart made $34.5 million over 12 months). Cameron Diaz was second on this year’s Forbes list at $34 million, but acted in three movies for that sum.

Marvel and Disney have plenty of money to toss around, as “The Avengers” is now the third-biggest global box office draw in history, having brought in over $1.355 billion in worldwide sales (that’s more than “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2″).

So, um. Congrats Scar! I’m pretty sure you’re officially a big shot!

What do you guys think about $carlett’s massive paycheck? Too big? Too small? Or juuuust right, considering what the studios are raking in? I would not guess at how much these people should make, but I am a Scar-Jo fan and I watch The Other Boleyn Girl probably three nights a week. I don’t watch the whole thing, I mainly love falling asleep to it. But only after Scar-Jo and Eric Bana’s scene d’amour. Come to think of it, her waist-to-hip ratio alone deserves about $20 million. Lol.

  • nicole

    this is a mistake..right? way to too much for that role.

  • BradywantsMoore

    Waaay to much.

  • Lacey

    Waaay too much. I didn’t care for her character that much, she didn’t seem to fit in. If she is getting paid that much it’ll be interesting to see how much Mark Ruffalo and Jeremy Renner get.

  • Wow! I know she’s a decent actress and all but $20 million? I know she got stiffed in comparison to the bigger stars in The Avengers, but unless they make her character on the same level superhero-wise as Iron Man, Thor, or Captain America she should not be getting that much. Maybe half that or in between at $15 million. Personally, I’m kinda indifferent to her as an actress. She’s always someone who has the potential to be massive but never quite gets there. Maybe being in the highest grossing movie of the year will change that.

  • Janaegal

    That can’t be a record. Julia Roberts was the first woman to make $20mil.

    • meme

      Just what I was thinking. Julia’s still the Queen of Overinflated Salaries

    • You know, ya’ll are absolutely right. I think we’re calling it a record-breaker because she’s getting $20 million for a sequel. Thanks for the correction. I’ll try to clarify.

    • Josh C.

      If we’re talking sequels then you can go all the way back to Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle where Cameron Diaz made 20 million.

      But good for Scarlett…Avengers is a cash cow and she should get her piece of it too! =)

    • Thanks Josh C. Then I give up. I have no clue what record she’s breaking. Perhaps it’s being publicized this way because she’s not considered by many to be a lead character??? Lol…

  • LaLola

    Maybe she could donate some of that money to a costume designer who will make her a better fitting outfit so her crotch doesn’t look like it’s around her knees!! Uy, bad photo…

    But yes, that salary seems a little high for a peripheral character…

  • Kayla

    I think EVERYBODY is missing the biggest point of all….the second Avengers is underway!!! My weekly ‘Marvel Mondays’ will NOT be in vain.

  • Alys

    Still too much. ScarJo is a lovely woman and a decent actress, but her talents aren’t exactly scintillating. The Avengers made a great profit, partially because I can watch Chris Hemsworth and Mr. Hiddleston and RD Jr. make jokes all day long.

  • Chris

    She is not worth 20 million a movie. Most of the people who saw the movie did not come to see black widow. Who is that character anyway? Its like one of the lesser known super heros. I’m sure some guys came to see her in a tight black jump suit but nobody was excited to see the movie just because black widow. But I suppose since the movie made that much money its reasonable.

  • Kim

    Her rep told E this is not true .BS story from UK tab

  • Rj

    I think Julia Roberts holds the record still for highest paid actress for a film, $25mil for Mona Lisa Smile. How nice it must be to be an actor/ess with a pretty budget :-p