Princes William & Harry Are Body Boarding Surf Bros


Last month we got to see a couple of really cute photos of Prince William lovin’ all up on his pet pooch Lupo at a charity polo match (his wife Kate Middleton, who I love to death, was also in the photos but she wasn’t really part of all the cuteness). Today we get to see new photos of Prince Wills but this time he’s with his younger brother Prince Harry. While many English folks were bizzy watching the Wimbledon tennis finals this weekend, William and Harry decided to partake in an entirely different sport altogether. The princes suited up in wetsuits and ventured out for some body boarding bonding time together.

When he was offered a coveted seat in the Royal Box for the Wimbledon final, Prince William said an ‘existing commitment’ would prevent him from attending. And yesterday it became clear just what had been so important – a day of messing around on a surfboard with his younger brother and a group of mates, including their best friends Thomas van Straubenzee and Tom Inskip, at Polzeath on the Cornish coast. Leaving his tennis-mad wife Kate to share in the nation’s agony as Roger Federer shattered Murray’s hopes of Wimbledon glory, Prince William was snapped on a public beach in Cornwall catching some waves. Dressed in a black wetsuit, he joked with brother Harry as the pair braved the stormy weather and enjoyed some brotherly bonding. Although the royal brothers tackled the waves enthusiastically on their bodyboards, they didn’t appear to be hugely successful in mastering them. Still, by the looks on their faces they seemed to be enjoying themselves immensely. Prince William also went surfing for his stag do – although on that occasion he chose to go to Devon. As part of the relaxed weekend in Cornwall they enjoyed an afternoon in they enjoyed a few ‘sundowners’ on the veranda of their rented holiday home while watching a magnificent sunset.

Wait a damn minute … they have surfing … in England?! I had no idea. It’s a shame that William and Harry don’t spent more time surfing the waves in Cornwall because I think I could get used to the sight of seeing the young princes wrapped in neoprene wet suits. I’d like to formally invite the young royals back to LA should they ever want to go body boarding for real. We’ve got the best beaches and I’m certain I could think of a few folks who’d like to show them what real surfing is like ;)


  • Shannon

    That’s just too much wetsuit on prince Harry. Holler at a speedo please

    • Annie

      Haha! He should always be in a speedo. :)

  • Stephie

    Prince William has such a flat bum! He needs to do some squats…

  • PixiesBassline

    Can’t see Harry’s behind… Wah!

  • smthingswrong

    cornwall has one of the worlds biggest surfing events/festivals. so yea, england do has surfing. so does scotland…just fyi. ffs.

    • @smthingswrong — Wow. I may have to head over to Cornwall and/or Scotland to catch some waves.

  • noizy

    Gotta love this guys!

    >> Wait a damn minute … they have surfing … in England?!
    LMAO Trent! We Europeans don´t live under a rock, you know? :)

    • @noizy — Well I know that Europe isn’t a backward place, in fact I consider it the seat of Western culture … but I never ever associated surfing with England. Hmmm.

    • Balito

      I know… it never ocurred it to me before either!!!

  • Rebecca

    I didn’t know either, but that’s just because I thought it would be too cold. What thickness wetsuits do you wear in the U.K.? In Santa Barbara, CA, I mostly wear a 3/2 (3 millimeter torso, 2 millimeter arms & legs) in 59 degree water and it’s still pretty chilly!