Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise Have Reached A Divorce Settlement


Well that was fast. Less than two weeks after Katie Holmes stunned Tom Cruise with divorce papers after 5 years of marriage, Holmes’s attorney has announced that a divorce settlement has been reached between the parties. As you may recall, Katie filed for divorce in the state of New York … she also made it clear that she was going after full custody of the couple’s only child Suri. Just a couple of days ago, we learned that the attorneys were working on a settlement — but I don’t think anyone expected the settlement to be made so quickly. The fact that a divorce settlement has been reached so quickly and that the settlement announcement is being made by Katie’s attorney leads me to believe that she is getting exactly what she wants from this surprisingly quick divorce. Specifics about the settlement have not been made public but I am more convinced than ever that Katie Holmes is in control and she is getting everything that she wants from her split from Tom. Click below to read the official statement released by Katie’s attorney Jonathan Wolfe and also read the joint official statement released by Katie and Tom.

“The case has been settled and the agreement has been signed. We are thrilled for Katie and her family and are excited to watch as she embarks on the next chapter of her life. This result could not have been achieved without the hard work of my partner Gary Skoloff and our co-counsel Allan Mayefsky, Michael Mosberg and Larry Trachtenberg of Aronson Mayefsky and Sloan and Peter Walzer and Chris Melcher of Walzer & Melcher in California. We thank Tom’s counsel for their professionalism and diligence that helped bring about this speedy resolution.”

And this is what Katie and Tom have to say for the last time as TomKat:

“We are committed to working together as parents to accomplish what is in our daughter Suri’s best interests. We want to keep matters affecting our family private and express our respect for each other’s commitment to each of our respective beliefs and support each other’s roles as parents.”

I KNEW it would go down in this manner. I may not have guessed that the divorce settlement would be reached so quickly but I knew that this divorce would work out in Katie’s favor, I just knew it. Because Katie was the one who filed, she made it clear what she wanted out of this divorce — a clean break and custody of her daughter. My guess is that she will get primary custody of Suri and will allow visitation for Tomon her terms. A lot of people guessed that Tom would use his ample resources to go after full custody of his daughter but I had a feeling that Katie was in the driver’s seat. IMHO the only way this divorce settlement could happen so quickly is because Katie Holmes is getting everything she wants from this divorce. From the start of this divorce drama a few days ago, Katie Holmes has shown a level of control that surprised me. Something in my GUT tells me that Katie has got something on Tom, something that could be Earth-shattering, and that is why this divorce was settled so quickly. For the entire 5 years of their marriage, Katie struck me as a soulless Stepford wife … but no longer. I am very excited for the next chapter in her life away from the craziness of Tom Cruise’s life. Honestly, I can’t help but feel a little sorry for the way Tom Cruise’s life has turned out but, to be honest, the fault is really all his. We may never know what really went down for the duration of the TomKat marriage but it’s over now … settled … dunzo, officially. It’s been an interesting 2 weeks, to say the least … I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens next for Katie and Tom — separately.


  • ella

    I think that Tom probably wants Katie to have primary custody as much as she does. And if we believe that their marriage was a business deal (and since we all heard at the time that the deal was for 5 years of marriage, it’s not so crazy to believe that), they probably had these terms worked out beforehand.

    Trent, do you believe that Tom Cruise was really blindsided by her filing for divorce? I don’t think I do.

    • @ella — I do believe she blindsided him because if we know anything about Tom Cruise, we know he is a control freak. He likes to be the one in control and the fact that she divorced him was a big shock. I, too, believe the whole relationship was a “business deal” as you call it but I think Katie pulled the plug on the deal early — she wanted out now, she got out now and IMHO she took control of the matter by striking first in a very public way. Mark my words, Tom may stay in contact with Suri but I don’t think he (or Scientology) will have the kind of influence on her life that he would like because of the way that Katie ended this marriage — and I think that is what is most important to Katie in this divorce. Just my opinion as a person who has watched this entire relationship from the very beginning.

    • Courtney

      I think that she was pregnant and got married due to her Catholic upbringing. Sure, she was engaged prior to the pregnancy, but I think the whole thing happened so fast and she was just living out her teenage fantasy of marrying Tom Cruise. Once she realized how crazy he really was and how different they were as individuals, it was too late for her to get out at that point.

      However it went down, I’m glad she came to her senses and did what was best for her daughter. Welcome back, Katie. :)

    • ella

      Thanks for your perspective Trent, you’re more informed about this stuff than me that’s why I asked! I guess since I’d heard that the deal was for 5 years, I assumed that this wasn’t really a surprise. But, I definitely hope you’re right that the way Katie is handling this will mean that Tom/Scientology won’t have the kind of influence on Suri that he’d like!

  • It would be very interesting to here Katie’s story once Suri is an adult.

  • Hear* gag.

  • I am beyond shocked at how fast this whole thing went down. IMO I think that things hadn’t been going well for a long time and discussed in great detail what would happen if that day ever came and had all of the papers drawn up before hand only working out final details when it actually came to pass. I think the whole Tom being “blindsided” by the divorce thing is little bit silly IMO. Maybe he was caught off guard as to the date the papers were filed, but he knew it was coming. I think Katie filed those papers when Tom was in another country filming a movie because she wants to look like she has the upper hand here and we all know that’s never the case when it comes to Tom. The only think I hope that happens now is that they both go away for a while (Katie and Suri expecially) and come back months down the road as different but better people. In the end I feel more sorry for Suri who’s in the middle of this than anyone else.

    • @Joanna — “he knew it was coming” No, I’m just not convinced at all that he knew … otherwise, the whole way this break-up was presented to the public would be completely different. If Tom knew, he would be in control and if that was the case, the whole matter would be presented differently. IMHO, Katie managed to take control and because she changed the way the public perceived the split, Tom and his people decided to try and save as much face as possible and go along with everything. In order to reach a settlement, both parties have to stay quiet on the specifics of the divorce — which, IMHO, is the only benefit Tom gets from this split. Of course, all of this is absolutely speculative but this is what my guts tell me.

    • Courtney

      It’s a good thing for Katie that her dad is a lawyer, that is all I can say. There is no way she could have gotten help from anyone else without Tom finding out before now.

    • ella

      “Katie managed to take control and because she changed the way the public perceived the split, Tom and his people decided to try and save as much face as possible and go along with everything.”

      Interesting, I hope this is right! Makes me really appreciate Katie :)

    • rossy

      I’m with you a 100%, Trent. Tom was definately blindsided by Katie filing for divorce. As was pointed out this evening on one of the news stations – Tom’s 2 previous marriages HE called the shots & filed. In fact, both Mimi Rogers (who ironically introduced Tom to Scientology) & Nicole Kidman had NO IDEA he was going to do it. And if I remember correctly, it shouldn’t have been surprising – at least with Nicole.

      I’m pretty sure he began divorce proceedings a few days after an interview she did on TV where she was asked how religion fitted in with raising their kids (Isabella & Conner) & Nicole said something like: “I want my children to learn about all the religions out there & make their own decisions when they get older.” And then BOOM Tom files for divorce; Nicole suffered a miscarriage where she then had to get DNA tests done to prove the baby was Tom’s because Tom’s lawyers were saying it wasn’t Tom’s (how much was true & how much the tabloids invented, who knows… and although she had victory there (it was Tom’s) she lost too when Conner & Isabella chose Scientology & their dad over their mother.

      But I must add that I’m surprised at how quickly things were settled between Tom & Katie or that she gets primary custody of Suri… that shouldn’t have happened now, should it? It makes me think that Katie has proof that Scientology is what detractors say it is: dangerous…

  • @Joanna,

    I don’t think hiding away is in Katie’s stars right now. If you checked out Shannon’s post on Katie yesterday, she has a lot of new things coming up. Honestly, I feel that Katie has been put away and forced to hide for a very long time, and I am super glad she’s back.

  • Daniel

    If we can all believe the marriage was a business venture from the start then why wouldn’t we find it plausible that the very public divorce was not also orchestrated? Perfect launching pad for Katie to redefine herself and her career. Also keeps Tom’s name in the news. The only person who was perhaps blindsided was Suri.

    • @Daniel — While I believe the marriage was an arrangement from the start, I also believe that Katie pulled out of the arrangement first in order to break free with her daughter. That said, it’s also very possible that this entire thing was orchestrated from the very start and everything is happening according to plan. BUT, I do disagree with your contention that this is beneficial to Tom because it “keeps his name in the news”. I don’t think this is the kind of press that Tom Cruise likes, he doesn’t come off looking good or sympathetic at all in any of this. A movie flop, getting dumped and turning 50 all in the same 30 day span only makes him look sad :(

    • PeaButNutter

      I totally agree with you Trent. Remember how bad they made NK look after their divorce? We generally bought it back then, that she was the bad person in that relationship, cold towards her children and all the gossip that spread like wild fire seemingly out of nowhere considering you never heard a bad thing about her before the divorce.

      But oh, what we have learned about his religion since then! And look, okay KH was in her early 20’s, had a self-admitted crush on the guy and probably went into it thinking “how bad could it really be?” Whether it was an arranged marriage, business deal or whatever, without knowing exactly what Scientology was all about at such a young age, it would have been surreal/flattering to know that TC is interested in you. Well she found out didn’t she, it must have been pretty bad for her team to have orchestrated such a well thought out, precisely organized departure like this.

    • Sarah

      You don’t think that this is his way of saving face at all? I personally thought it was weird that he didn’t fight at all for custody. I expected him to, I think some other people may have too. I think he may very well have backed down, to make himself look better, less of a control freak as you pointed out. I wouldn’t be surprised if we soon hear from the press and “sources” that he is heart broken, again to make him look better.

    • jr


      this was a calculated stunt.

      they are all about celebrity and career.

  • Courtney

    Who wants to bet that her swearing to never write a book or release any details regarding their courtship, marriage, and divorce what part of this super quick settlement?

    Tom definitely didn’t want to go to court. Whatever dirt she has on him must be SUPER juicy!

    • Courtney

      *was part. Sorry, got too excited!

    • @Courtney — “Who wants to bet that her swearing to never write a book or release any details regarding their courtship, marriage, and divorce what part of this super quick settlement?”

      I believe you are 100% correct. I think Katie got everything she wanted from this divorce and the way she got it was by promising to keep quiet about everything — a deal that I bet Tom had to settle for. I can feel it my bones!

    • Courtney

      I can too! I just knew when I read that he had settled the divorce already that she knew wayyyy too much about what goes on behind the scenes at the Church of Scientology. She could probably easily ruin not only Tom, but a lot of people in Hollywood with whatever information it is that she has.

    • helen

      @Trent @Courtney – “Whatever dirt she has on him must be SUPER juicy!” EXACTLY!!!! She really grabbed the bull by the hornes on this one!!

      Well, I guess we all underestimated little Miss Joey Potter from the creek didn’t we??!!

      Four for you Katie Holmes!! You go Katie Holmes!!

    • Jstar

      @Courtney That’s exactly what I was thinking!!! She must have something good on him!

    • Me, Myself, I

      @Helen- Points to you for the Mean Girls Reference! lol

  • Kelly

    Maybe you don’t feel comfortable saying but I too believe Katie has something big on him, I don’t believe otherwise the settlement would have been so quick… I mean who really files and settles in TWO WEEKS! That’s insane… So my question… What on earth could she have on him that is so BIG that Tom would just let Katie take control of Suri??? I mean, come on.. For a control freak to not have control over the one child that is supposedly his Biological child??? Hmmm it HAS to be DIRRRRTY!!!

    • Courtney

      The statement that they released together leads me to believe that whatever she has on him is definitely related to Scientology. I’m sure we will never know the reason, but I definitely agree with you. If a girl like Katie can have a guy like Tom jumping through hoops, it must be pretty damaging information.

    • @Courtney — YEP YEP YEP … I totally agree with everything you said :)

    • Now based on what others here have been saying I completely agree with the whole blackmail thing. There is a lot about Tom’s life that we the public will NEVER know about and he has found ways to make sure that his other two exes don’t share that information either. However, this may be the first divorce that Tom has gone through were he has been put in his place so to speak. He’s usually a very together guy and to have to work things out this huge in such a short period of time must have thrown him for a lop. I just hope that Tom never marries again because I feel so badly for the next potential “Mrs. Cruise.” The women in his life have had to put up with a lot from him and other unsuspecting people shouldn’t have to.

    • @Kelly — YEP YEP YEP … I think so too.

    • helen

      @Joanna – well, I used to feel bad bout poor Katie Holmes and look how this turned out!
      I’m convinced she not only knows things but she also must be able to prove things, for Tom to settle this way, this fast, it just says a lot of how much power she gained over him!

  • jj

    So Trent what is your opinion. Does Tom get married again and try for a fourth time or does he remain single for the rest of his life? J-Lo is an unmarried scientologist you know… If I’m TC I would think it would be smarter to marry within the cult this time to avoid this happening again. However..

    By the way Tony Ortega from the village voice has written extensively about Scientology how crazy they are and how lately there have been a number of major defections from the scientology camp under the leadership of David Misgave. He is a greedy tyrant. I’m thinking Trent that sometime soon there is going to be a major implosion or coo.

    • @jj — I honestly don’t know if Tom will marry again. Part of me thinks his vanity will not allow him to seem unloved but another part of me thinks that he might not want to risk another failed relationship. In regards to the drama surrounding Scientology overall, yes, I agree … I think a big shakeup is on the way. Things have been falling apart all over the place and all signs seem to point to Miscavige.

  • Kiki

    I believe that while the two parties were in talks for the divorce settlement, Katie’s words to Tom were, “I don’t wanna wait for our lives to be over, I want to know right now, what will it be?”

    That’s why it went so fast.

    • Syslak

      Haha Kiki! I guess we finally know that it will “be sooooooorry.”

  • Is it bad that I want this air tight case to leak??? Hahaha I want to know what KH is holding over TC’s head! It’s gotta be absolutely amazingly delicious! Someone somewhere will find out and it will start to come out,….waiting :P

  • Jacqui

    Yeah, somehow she’s got him by the nuts on something. You guys, I just started reading this book “Inside Scientology” by Janet Reitman. I’m only about 10% into it, but it’s fascinating. It’s supposed to be an object journalistic history of the religion (the only comprehensive one available) but it does read a bit like an expose. It’s juicy.

    • Meghan

      @Jacqui- I will have to check this book out. I have read up a bit on Scientology and there is a lot of craziness in the beginnings of this religion. L. Ron Hubbard was basically a pathological liar. Throw in polygamy, jail time and tons and tons of lies and you have the creation of this religion. I can’t wait until “The Master” comes out in October. It is based on the beginnings of Scientology and should be facinating.

    • Jacqui

      Yes, girl! Thats the part I’m reading right now. It starts with a bio on LRH. Wow. WTF. That dude…… I will be sure to check out “The Master” also!

  • Denise

    I think Katie was a souless, Stepford wife because Tom made her that way. Her dad was quoted as saying something like, “What happened to my little girl?” She already looks much happier now that they’ve split. And I agree, it does seem like Kate has something on him, or else a control freak like him would never give up without settling on his OWN terms. Although I can’t agree to feel sorry for Tom, because despite his marriage difficulties, he leads a pretty charmed life.

  • apriljan

    Maybe I’m wayyy into the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy right now, but this reminds me of Christian’s and Anastasia’s non-disclosure agreement.

    I can see Christian Grey in Tom Cruise. Minus Tom being tall. Still somewhat hot. But not tall.

  • Alys

    Not in the least bit surprised at the speed of this, one because Tom keeps his private life private (when not jumping on couches) and two, because their prenups probably solidified most of the major details. Was it really worth fighting it out for a chunk of change made during that period from Tom and dragging things out? Maybe, maybe not. I think he’d be willing to negotiate only around Suri, and the details probably lie in who gets custody and visitation rights. As far as anyone will probably ever know, the financials were not the sticking point and I cannot see Tom or Katie pulling a McCartney where they fight it out in the courts for months on end. Neither is Katie a golddigger, but all that publicity goes in the face of what Tom’s stance for Scientology is all about. Positive news only, people…

    I can’t imagine Katie, what with her lawyer parents, wasn’t being advised very well on what she could and couldn’t do. Sometimes you just have to measure the risk and set your line in the sand based on what is practical. I suspect there were points not worth fighting about because she wanted Suri more than property, a cut of a trust or assets, and the rest. Tom can’t be neglectful of his daughter given how much he dotes on all three of his kids, so the issue was probably child support there.

    Just hope no clause about Suri going to Scientology retreats was invoked!

  • rOXy

    All of Katie’s demands were probably expediently met because she threatened to spill whatever beans she had in her pocket. Must have been some beans. I am sure we’ll never know the details, because I am sure that was the agreement reached. They give her what she wants and she agrees to keep her mouth shut. In any case, for Suri’s sake, I am glad they quickly pounded out a deal without the typical stress, hassle, finger pointing, and nastiness.

  • Kath

    i personally feel that the public opinion of Tom and Katie’s marriage went a long way in giving Katie the boost that she needed for getting the divorce on her terms. for years the press have been commenting on her stepford wife look and attitude and laughing at Tom and his craziness. knowing the public perception allowed Katie to manipulate the media to assist with the orchestration of announcing the divorce as the whole world was pretty much on her side right from the get go. footage of her being followed by rumoured scientology spies was another ace in the hole for her, whether she wanted it to be or not.

    despite all the gay rumours surrounding Tom, i think there has to be something bigger than his supposed homosexuality and his involvement with the church that she knew of, and could expose, for him to cave in to her divorce demands. actors can dodge gay rumours easily if they are discreet (and Tom is a poster-child for discretion).

    I must say that I’m surprised that he allowed KH full custody of Suri so easily, given that she is his only ‘biological’ child. This really makes me think that she has something on him, and he has nothing on her that would destroy her career or threaten her reputation. Maybe if the world knew about scientology then the way it does now Nicole may have had a better chance of keeping access rights to her kids in her divorce from Tom?? There were rumours here in Aus that she cheated on him and got pregnant, which is why they divorced, but many celebrities are exposed for committing worse crimes against their marriage and the hit they take for it in the media is over in a flash…

  • miss x

    doesn’t anyone feel katie is kind of despicable to use someone else’s dirty secrets to get what she wants? from how this whole thing develops, i don’t have a good impression of both parties and definitely not of katie.

    this woman is not simple, that’s all i’m saying. i wish people would just stop painting her as the victim in this whole ordeal.

    • rossy

      @miss x — No. I don’t think it’s “dispicable” for someone to “use” “dirty laundry” to get a fair settlement & custody of her daughter nor would I call Katie a “victim” here & I doubt she sees herself as one. Yes, she fell in love with the wrong guy but unlike Nicole before her, she must have taken certain “precautions” against being thrown to the wolves like Nicole before her.

      As I stated above, Tom divorced Nicole after that interview she gave where she wanted Conner & Isabella to learn about ALL the religions out there & then choose when they were old enough. Nicole fought hard to keep them but the kids chose Scientology & apparently refuse to have anything to do with her; she suffered a miscarriage & Tom’s “people” implied the baby wasn’t his – And instead of being allowed to grieve, she had to get DNA tests done to prove she was faithful in her marriage.

      Yet everybody was after Nicole’s blood & it continued even after she married Keith Urban. There were people who were posting/blogging that she was a “bad mother” & should have Sunday Rose “taken away” from her. Well, her marriage is still going strong, isn’t it? And the haters are gone now too.

      So who would you want to have the power – Katie Holmes or Tom Cruise & Scientology? I say: You GO, Katie! Because his PR team & lawyers (Scientologists themselves) would have gone after Katie & what wasn’t true would have invented something bad enough to get Tom FULL custody of Suri, like her cheating on him or something else. I just heard that Tom gets to see Suri (supervised) where there will be NO TALK about religion until she’s much older & that means no trips to the “retreats” anymore.

    • @miss x — Considering how despicably people are treated by Scientologists, I think Katie is a genius for getting away on her own terms.

    • rOXy

      @miss x: When it comes to protecting a daughter, a mother will use any means possible. If the method is despicable, so be it. Katie may have discovered that Scientology believes Tom was the one chosen to sire the second coming of L. Ron, and that Suri is the reincarnation. Imagine if that kind of lunacy was exposed what kind of public backlash would be unleashed?

    • Courtney

      @miss x – She did what she had to do to protect her child. I don’t personally know either party, but Katie Holmes doesn’t strike me as the kind of woman that would use dirty methods unless that was what she absolutely had to do.

  • naomi black

    I’ve been waiting for years for Tom’s “Travolta” like secrets to come out, ever since that whole story about him with the porn star/ erotic wrestler came out… & then went away! I think we will someday find out that Scientology is one big organization letting celebrities live out whatever desires they want while appearing to be perfect family units… just as long as they support & fund the church! I also have recently watched Tom & Katie in interviews lately (both together & separately… & I TOTALLY believe this marriage was more of an arranged business deal, I also feel Tom comes off as crazy… I mean REALLY crazy, look into his eyes during interviews, & how he talks sometimes… even his laugh kinda creeps me out a little, & I use to find him rather sexy… still kinda do!!

  • facebook_shoesofpink

    That was quite fast! I agree with you Trent that it is sad the way Tom’s life has turned out, but it is the fault of no one but himself. I’m very proud of the way Katie took charge. Either something very dastardly and secret is going on that’s getting Katie whatever she wants, or Tom really is the classy, sweet guy that everyone says he is, and he wants to make Katie happy, even in divorce. We’ll never know. But I wish the best for both of them, (all three of them, actually), and I hope their new chapters are full of happiness and success.

  • Holly

    All I’m gonna say is that, coming from working in the mental health field, all of the reports about Katie “planning” this filing – doing it while Tom’s in Iceland, using a different cell phone, getting a new apartment, firing his security staff, registering with a new Catholic church – very congruent with a battered woman leaving her husband. If and when abused spouses get the courage enough to leave, it’s done in this very methodologically way, planned to the last detail because it has to be for their safety. Whether it’s physical or emotional abuse, I don’t think there’s any question that all of Katie’s actions post-filing show that she is taking control of her and Suri’s life… Just food for thought…

    • rOXy

      Have to agree with everything you said. Thank goodness Katie had caring people around her. The divorce was carried out like a Navy Seals Classified Operation, and I expect that is the only way it could have happened.

  • The fact that Katie might “have something” on Tom which made the settlement go through so quickly never occurred to me. But it’s possible. I’m so glad it went as quickly as it did, though. We can do without months of an ugly divorce battle playing out in the media. (That wouldn’t have been very good for Suri, either).