Christopher Nolan Makes His Mark In Hollywood At A Hand/Footprints Ceremony


Over the weekend, Christopher Nolan enjoyed a special tribute that is almost unheard of for film directors … he was asked to leave his hand and footprints in cement in front of the famed Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, CA. The hand/footprint ceremony is a tribute usually asked of actors but this time around, it would seem that the decision has been made to pay tribute to Nolan’s genius as a director. Click below to see photos from the ceremony and see which of his friends from Gotham City showed up for the event.

It is a very rare for a filmmaker to receive the industry honor of having their hand- and foot-prints cemented into the famed forecourt of the legendary Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood. But now, out of 262 honorees in 85 years, The Dark Knight trilogy’s Christopher Nolan is not only at age 41 one of the youngest filmmakers but also only the 8th director to receive the honor.

This is so great. Honestly, I wouldn’t at all be surprised if Christian BaleBatman himself — was asked to leave his hand/footprints at Grauman’s … but the honor going to Nolan is very surprising and very welcome. He is a brilliant director and I am really happy to see him honored in this way. If The Dark Knight Rises is truly as good as the early reviews claim, this hand/footprint ceremony may be just the first of the accolades coming his way come Awards season. Congrats Chris!

[Photo credit: Wireimage; Source]

  • Courtney

    who cares alll awards are bought and paid for so don’t mean anything anymore. yeah congrats to him