A Little Bit Of Chicago


Yesterday turned out to be the only day that David and I got to experience some of the amazing things about Chicago. Even tho we had to fly out late in the afternoon, we had all morning to enjoy some of the sights. I started my day early at 6AM so that I could enjoy a run in the city. Then, David and I attended the post-wedding breakfast hosted by our newlywedded friends Monique and Jay. Afterward, we met up with David’s BFF Alan who also happened to be in the city this weekend so, yeah, we managed to squeeze in a bit of fun before we had to fly back to LA.

I wanted to go for a run along the lakefront and decided to split have my run along the water and half along Michigan Ave. I wanted to run by the outdoor art in Millennium Park so that I could snap some photos. Chicago is probably my favorite city in the world for outdoor art. The big lighted installations with the faces on it is really one of my fave art pieces in the world. I also really love the Cloud Bridge sculpture (commonly known as The Bean). I really lucked out because the entire plaza where The Bean is located was completely empty of people. I was able to snap photos of the entire area with no one else there but me.

The only bad part of my run was that my knee started to flare up again. I fear I really do have serious IT band problems. I made an appointment to see a doctor tomorrow for an evaluation. I need to figure out how to treat and hopefully avoid further knee pain. I have far too much running ahead of me to let this potential injury stop me.

The rest of the day was fun, we got to say goodbye to Mo and Jay before they jetted off on their honeymoon. Then we got to hang out with David’s friend Alan and his boyfriend Steve:

I loaded up on Garrett’s popcorn (Chicago Mix, obvs) then it was time to return home. I have some unpacking to do today and not much else planned. I’ve got a bizzy week ahead, I’m going to try and do my best to relax beforehand. Happy Monday.

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  • Bonny

    I’m sooo happy you liked my city! Glad you had a great time here.

    • @Bonny — I love Chicago. When I lived in Detroit, I sneaked over to Chitown many, many times. Chicago and I go way back :)

  • JillieBean430

    OMG. Glad you got my fave part of our city (besides the Cubs!)… Garrett’s popcorn! I love it so much that we are handing that out as our wedding favor this fall! :-)

  • claire

    I moved from Los Angeles to Chicago in 2008. Sometimes I think it’s the worst decision I’ve made (usually in the winter) and sometimes I think it’s the best decision I’ve made. I love both places.

  • Reens

    Trent!! Get a chiro to ultrasound your IT bands, and a massage therapist to work on them as well-I have IT issues from cycling so much and I’ve found doing both those things relatively close together (and often) really help :) or you can roll them out with a foam roller-cheaper!

  • Thanks for including Garrett Popcorn as part of your Chicago experience!