Watch: Diane Kruger Shines As Marie Antoinette In ‘Farewell My Queen’ Movie Clips


Now I love me some Kirsten Dunst but 2006’s Marie Antoinette simply did not do it for me. Which is why I was excited to hear about a new (and very different) Marie Antoinette movie via The Boston French Film Festival. Diane Kruger (Inglourious Basterds, Joshua Jackson’s woman!) plays the Queen B in this tale of royalty, love, and– believe it or not– homoerotic affairs dans Versailles. Watch exclusive clips and the trailer inside!

Diane Kruger in Farewell My Queen

As I said in my post on the French Film Festival, I cannot imagine life without French cinema, and I cannot wait to watch this film! In the trailer, you can see that a completely different approach is being taken to this story, which is important considering that Marie Antoinette is a bit of a pop culture icon herself. The plot is so unique, I can only expect good things.

Any Diane Kruger fans in the building? And who’s up for some crazy, sexy French subtitles?!

Farewell My Queen opens in select theaters July 13.


  • Becca

    This is looking to be brills! :) Put those French classes to good use :P

    I can’t help myself but I’m such a National Treasure fan and fell in love with Diane Krugers performance there, and with that as my reference point it’s totally awesome and fascinating to see her in this role.

    • Becca, thanks for commenting! I didn’t even realize she was in that one. Nice!

  • Jess

    Shannon, have you ever seen the French-Canadian film Polytechnique?

    • Jess, no I haven’t! Tell me more.

    • Jess

      It’s about the “Montreal Massacre” that happened in 1989 where a man went on a killing spree at the University École Polytechnique de Montréal. His sole targets were women because he believed “feminists ruined his life”, and in the end killed 28 people, men and women, and injured many more.

      One of the main actresses is Karine Vanasse from Pan Am, but she’s not the only reason to watch, the film is extremely beautifully shot.

    • Also its a true story, 1989.

    • Ok, I’m in! Thanks for the recommendations, guys.

  • Nicole

    FYI Léa Seydoux was also in Inglourious Basterds. She played one of the daughters of the farmer in the opening scene.

    This film looks fantastic but I really loved the Coppola/Dunst film as well. I thought it was an interesting study of a young woman suddenly thrust into a position of wealth, fame and responsibility in a way that was relatable to modern society.

    • Nicole, thanks for commenting. I just remember hearing the song “I Want Candy” in the Dunst version and I could not get over it! In fact, I kinda wrote the film off as a result. Maybe I oughta go back and give it another chance. It’d be fun to watch both of these around the same time.

  • Firegalz

    I personally love Marie Antoinette ‘s life history i think it’s fascinating. being a queen in that era is even harder than being Queen Elizabeth today and sending a girl who’s only 14 thrust into the spotlight with a lot of wealth hungry people who wants to manipulate her is just awful.

    I’d love to see Diane Kruger deliver a great performance! i wouldn’t say i like the kristen dunst’s version but i dont hate it either it. it’s just it wasn’t tastefully made. Seemed a little bit trashy with the gambling and the partying and sleeping with men.

    And what would be an even more interesting film would be the outcome of her daughter, the only survivor in the revolution!

    • Firegalz, if you’re interested in Marie Antoinette you MUST WATCH David Grubin’s PBS documentary on her. Totally and completely illuminating and fascinating. Such a great watch, even if you’re into docs. Thanks for commenting!

  • LiQue

    read stefan zweig’s book about her! really a good one