Usher and his ex-wife Tameka Foster have had some very public ups and downs, but a scary situation seems to have brought the best out of them. Tameka‘s son from a previous relationship has been in a very serious jet-ski accident on Lake Lanier and he is currently at a hospital in Atlanta, Georgia (thank you PITNBr Laura) in critical condition. Usher has reportedly been very supportive of Tameka, and chartered a jet so that she could be by her son’s side. More details inside.

E! Online has the info:

…11-year-old Kyle Glover was reportedly sitting in an inner tube, which was being pulled by a boat on the lake, along with an unidentified 15-year-old girl, when they were struck in the head by a Jet ski being driven by a 38-year-old man, according to Department of Natural Resources Sergeant Mike Burgamy.

The two victims were air-lifted to Children’s Healthcare at Egelston Hospital in Atlanta.

Although Usher and Tameka are currently battling it out with their divorce and custody battles, the R&B singer reportedly chartered a jet for Tameka to fly to her injured son’s side.

While more details have yet to surface, Usher’s pals including music mogul Russell Simmons and singer Fantasia have offered the singer and his family support through Twitter.

Russell tweeted: “Praying that Usher and Tameka’s son is OK…”

While Fantasia offered: “Everyone PLEASE pray for Usher and Tameka’s son! This is the time they really need your prayers!”

Burgamy reportedly told Atlanta NBC TV station 11 Alive that it is too early to tell if any charges will be filed, but that alcohol was not a factor in the accident.

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I’m glad to hear that Usher has gotten involved, even if only to fly Tameka out. Honestly, the way they’ve  kind of been going at it in the courtroom (due to the custody battle over their two sons) made you wonder if the two would ever be able to be cordial again. Some of you may have heard about Usher getting really emotional recently when Tameka‘s lawyers brought up his party-boy lifestyle (past and present) as a probable hindrance to his ability to parent.

But in this scenario, I think it’s right for them to put those things to the side. It can be hard to marginalize your beef with an ex- but that’s usually what’s best for the children. Shouts-out to Kyle and his friend!

UPDATE: A source has just confirmed that Kyle Glover, age 11, has been diagnosed as brain dead. It’s impossible to imagine what Tameka Foster and her family are going through right now, but I sincerely wish them all of the best. Please send positive thoughts and energy their way.