Sources Say Lily Allen Is Prego With Her Second Baby!


Remember when we found out a few weeks ago that Lily Allen has been taking secret tips to the studio and working on a new album? Well, apparently she’s been keeping another secret from all of us as well– and this one’s kind of a big deal. A source close to the family (Lily Allen, Sam Cooper and baby Ethel) has told The Mirror that Lily and Sam are thrilled to be pregnant with their second child… and Lily’s already starting to show. Get the deets inside!

Here’s the news, according to the source:

“Lily was sure people were going to cotton on to the fact she had a pregnancy bump but she seemed to get away with it thanks to wearing very baggy clothing.

“Her bump has popped out very early – far earlier than the last ­pregnancy. She’s been joking she feels six months pregnant already.”

And fans can rest assured that the new album is still in the works. But her friend did say that “like everything in her life, work comes second to Sam, Ethel and now their bump. She’s just so excited.”

Now, neither Sam nor Lily have confirmed the news, so we’ll have to wait and see if it’s official, but I’m excited at the idea of another baby Lily in the world! Love me some Lily Allen!

p.s. Check out this awesome pic Lily tweeted late last month! As PITNBr gracie pointed out to me , it’s an oldie. But still a goodie (and I’m seeing it for the first time) so I’ll keep it up… be it unrelated, lol. Lily also wrote “yes, he is touching my hand.” I’m guessing she’s a Jay fan. Love it.


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  • Meghan

    Wow! Didn’t she just have her first?

    • Yes, baby Ethel was born back in November. And now she’s about to be a big sis!

  • gracie

    Well, considering that tweeted picture is from 5 years ago, you probably can’t see a real bump.

    • gracie, thanks! Just checked it out and you’re right, it’s from 2007.

  • muchacha

    I seem to remember that she had at least one miscarriage before Ethel, that must have been so difficult. I hope she has a great pregnancy.

    • adrz

      She miscarried at 4 months & at 6 :( & I hope this pregnancy goes as well as her pregnancy with Ethel

  • Courtney

    um technically this is Lily’s 4th pregnancy she had a miscarriage in January 2008 a stillborn in october 2010 Ethel in November of 11 and this little angel is due in December 2012 having children close together is nothing new Arthur S Newman Jr and his brother Paul were 369 days apart in age correct Arthur was born January 22nd 1924 & Paul was born January 26th 1925 died September 26th 2008 age 83 leaving behind his beloved wife of more than 50 years Joanne Woodward 5 grown daughters and 2 grandsons

  • caitlin

    she cant be prego now can she , she is a celebrity !!!