Kelly Osbourne Gets A Black Eye And Tweets Her Rage


Celebrity is a strange thing. Kelly Osbourne has taken to twitter over a black eye she received on an airplane. She claimed that the woman in front of her was reclining her seat, and practically knocked her out in doing so. Um. Huuuh? Please help me decipher these tweets (and the odd, odd life of a celebrity) inside.

Ok, so here she goooes!

As you can see, Miss Kelly O really went through the entire spectrum of emotions here. How funny are those last two? What a difference 47 minutes can make, lol! Anyway, when I first read these, they sounded so strange to me. I can’t explain it, but it just felt entirely made up. Maybe it was the constant repetition of the phrase ‘black eye.’ But that bit about the stewardess convinced me that this could have really happened. What do you guys think?

And while we’re on the subject, what do you think about tweeting every millisecond of your rage? Is it totally acceptable, considering the social times? And is it kind of cool that celebs will sometimes take us on their emotional journeys? Or does it seem a bit much?

In happier news/twit pics, Kelly shared this adorable photo a couple of weeks back. Me likey this one better than the black eye tweet, I think.

Auntie Kelly and Pearl


  • BrickCityVintage

    I love it, she’s human. Nice to see the humanity that exists in celebrities. We need to stop looking up them as some sort of Gods. They are just regular people with a unusual job that causes them to be in the public eye every second.

  • kat :)

    I think too many people put too much on the internet. Society as a whole is forgetting how to interact appropriately with one another. And besides that point, really, all she did is look like a whiny kid- I think maybe one tweet would have been enough…..

  • Nat

    Welonce you insert .’s,!’S and ,’s it all makes a lot more sense.She got hurt,was pissed at the perp and bored while stuck on a plane-tweeting is one way to vent and pass time.

  • shannon m.

    Pearl looks like “homegirl need to stop squishin me”

    • shannon m., how funny! I love when babies make faces like that.

  • Jessicagiovanna

    Lol, I love Pearl’s side-eye, “girl quit with the purple hair already”

  • Eri

    Kelly comes off looking really immature and petty here. Clearly she was leaning forward when the seat came back (the geometry doesn’t work otherwise) and the girl couldn’t possibly have known. And then she confronted her and the girl laughed – yeah, I would have too, because she was likely swearing up a storm and looking very ridiculous.

    I generally think Kelly is OK, but this time she just seems lame.

  • gracie

    the baby side-eye is amazing.

  • Ama

    That’s a black eye? It looked like eyeliner*smudged* Ah well, crap happens, I’m sure it wasn’t done on purpose :)

  • rOXy

    I like Kelly and always have. She is feisty to be sure, and that’s one of the reasons I like her. But here, she just seems like a spoiled brat. Where is her compassion? The woman in front of her probably didn’t know what happened until Kelly told her. She was simply reclining and relaxing like any other person would do. It was an ACCIDENT. There may have been other things going on that stoked Kelly’s rage. PMS, tight deadlines, not enough sleep, hangover, anxiety, etc. I love the portrait of her with the baby. She needs to lay off the lavender though. You have to bleach your hair down to no pigment and go back over it with the purple. The bleach is melting her hair, and now it looks like cotton candy.

  • Michelle

    One of the very few celebrities I really dislike. Hope she get’s it in the other eye……*just sayin*