Kanye West, Nicki Minaj And More Will Appear On ‘The Cleveland Show’


Although I was excited to hear about the show when it first premiered, I never really got into The Cleveland Show. However, this upcoming episode sounds like a must-watch and they may make a fan of me yet. Check out who’ll be joining Nicki and Yeezy on the season premiere of The Cleveland Show: “Menace II Secret Society.”

Mike Henry is the voice of Cleveland on the show and he recently told Entertainment Weekly that the season premiere will be epic:

“We have an episode where Kanye and will.i.am, playing himself, and Nicki Minaj, playing herself, and Bruno Mars, playing himself, and ?uestlove—they’re all part of the rap Illuminati, the secret group that controls pop culture.”

The executive producer of the show was also excited about the episode:

“Cleveland inadvertently breaks into it and then it’s how he will either bring them down or they’ll bring him down,” he said. “We have a couple of original songs with Kanye and will and Bruno, I mean, all of them, it was great.”

So, yeah. To recap: Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, Bruno Mars, will.i.am., and Questlove will guest star on The Cleveland Show and I will be there to watch. This plot sounds hilarious; I can’t imagine what the music will sound like! I can’t imagine what this episode will look like! Lol. The poster does help give you a visual, though:

The Cleveland Show premieres October 7 on Fox.