Listen: Frank Ocean Releases A New Pharrell-Produced Track Titled ‘Sweet Life’

In Case You Were Curious About His Actual Music

Seeing as how I just wrote an entire PITNB popCulture post on him, I have run out of good, eloquent things to say about Frank Ocean. I am reduced to: he’s… just… awesomeness. Anyway, he just released a new track on his tumblr called Sweet Life. Although the two songs are very different, the vibe is reminiscent of the Nas/Amy Winehouse track we just heard– mellow, jazzy and summer-perfect.

Frank Ocean: Sweet Life

We’ve got a few more weeks before the release of Frank Ocean‘s highly-anticipated debut album, Channel Orange and I think this (and a few more tracks) should hold us over. I think Sweet Life is lovely; it doesn’t have me swooning to the high heavens like Pyramid (which I find an excuse to mention in, like, every post), but it’s still a good track.

For me, July 17 cannot come soon enough.

Sorry, can’t resist:


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  1. Miguel

    I first heard of Frank Ocean through JoJo on Twitter(Jojo @Jojoistheway
    You just changed the game @frank_ocean. I respect you and love your work. The move you just made… So strong. Sending all positive vibes), and then recently on PITNB…I’ve been a PITNB reader since I was 15! It’s been 8 years.

    Never heard of Frank Ocean before this week, but…damn – I am loving his music! Gotta say, I’m looking forward to his album release. :D I may need to pick it up! :X

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