Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise Are Reportedly Hammering Out A Divorce Settlement


It’s only been about a week since Katie Holmes shocked soon-to-be ex-husband Tom Cruise with divorce papers and since that time there has been a lot of back and forth talk about how nasty the divorce might get. It turns out that the split might be more amicable than most people assumed. A new report out this weekend suggests that Katie and Tom are working out a divorce settlement in order to avoid a public battle. Keep in mind, this report has not been confirmed but it does make sense … and it also says to me that Katie is in more control than many people believe.

PEOPLE has learned that for the past few days, lawyers for Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have been working to negotiate an agreement between the two stars to avoid a brutal public divorce battle. “Neither one of them wants this to be hashed out in public,” says a source. Holmes’s visit comes after Cruise attorney Bert Fields spoke out to the BBC about the possible next steps for the 50-year-old superstar. “Tactically we can’t say where Tom will file a divorce case and if he’ll be seeking joint custody of Suri,” said Fields.

Firstly, I have to say that I am very happy to hear that the couple are working together amicably toward a settlement that will satisfy both parties. An amicable settlement will be best for everyone involved. Secondly, my gut tells me that Katie Holmes has the upper hand here. The fact that she filed for divorce out of the blue says to me that she has something up her sleeve that will work to her advantage should she need to pull out the big guns. Of course, I cannot know what that secret weapon might be but … I have a very strong feeling that she has some bit of insurance socked away somewhere. The fact that Tom isn’t coming out with guns blazing also suggests to me that Katie is in the power position. To be fair, Tom’s refusal to boldly strike back could just mean that he doesn’t want to hurt Katie or Suri — and if true, that is an admirable thing to do. But … I dunno … my Spidey senses are tingling. My guess is that this divorce will work out in Katie Holmes’s favor. I guess we shall see. Hopefully these divorce negotiations will work out to everyone’s best advantage.


  • kath

    idk many women have talked about toms inabilty to have sex… so she could have LOTS of ammo that could tarnish his rep. but agreed, Tom has a fantastic opportunity with this divorce to come out looking mature and normal (for once) maybe this will finally be the time he comes out of the closet and quits scientology. It doesnt seem to be working for him anymore, he really is a fantastic actor, that is truly believable across many genres

  • ck

    I SURE hope Katie doesn’t sign an agreement not to write a book or speak out about her experience being married to the man. I can only guess that Tom doesn’t want anything negative said about Scientology or himself. And in away I guess she shouldn’t say anything bad about Tom publically, seeing he’s Suri’s father, but I want to hear everything about the inner workings of Scientology. I am so hoping she brings them down!

    • fmx

      I don’t think she’d write a book about Tom, if she did it would kind of be saying like my career is over I have to do this for money.

    • rOXy

      @ck: I bet non-disclosure of personal details, Tom, or the church was part of the pre-nup. I am also betting the legal beagles at Scientology drafted the guidelines of the agreement. Depending on who has the power to nullify certain clauses, it is probably Tom may, at his discretion, loosen the binders. I am not so certain he would have that authority when it comes to speaking about the church. Except for a few hints and casual remarks here and there, Nicole has been fairly silent on the whole Scientology lifestyle. From what I understand, they have a heavy handed way to coerce cooperation when it comes to not discussing any of their “ways”. I don’t think Katie is going to be writing any memoirs any time soon, but I’d be first in line to get a copy if she ever does.

  • Jessicagiovanna

    Better for Suri this way.. Keeps her parents dirt behind closed doors..poor kiddo