Hi, Chicago


Yesterday was a mostly uninteresting day … David and I spent the majority of the day flying from LA to Chicago (with a pit stop in Salt Lake City, UT in between). Because of all the flying we’ve done in the past year, our frequent flyer status on Delta has skyrocketed … which is very good for us because we keep getting free business class upgrades … which makes for a VERY nice flying experience, I must say :)

We managed to make it safe and sound to Chicago and were met by this crazy heat wave that they are experiencing this week. Temps have risen past 100 degrees for multiple days here … when we landed it was well past dark and the temperature was 95 degrees! This city is baking, y’all. Nonetheless, we are very happy to be here to attend Monique and Jay’s wedding later today. That’s the big plan for today. I’ll be hiding out from the heat in the cool AC until we need to suit up and watch Mo and Jay get hitched ;) We fly back home tomorrow afternoon but I’m going to try and sneak in a run tomorrow morning … so long as it’s not too ungodly hot.

I hope you are having a great weekend … and stay cool, y’all! Happy Saturday!

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  • Balito

    LOL,,,, the same temps are here where i live in Sonora, Mex. next to Arizona… its about 92 degrees at night and 108 – 112 degrees in the day!!! its like hell on earth!!! God bless the A/C inventor ya’ll!!! :S

  • JC

    Trent! I live in Chicago!! I would love to meet you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jessicagiovanna

    Places with high humidity stay hot even when the sun sets.. I used to live in east texas where it’s always over 90, even at night.. I moved back to the desert and it drops 20-25 degrees after the sun sets.. Not too bad.

    I hope you enjoy Chicago, I love it there!