An Early Review Of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Praises Anne Hathaway As Catwoman


Critics have been given early access to screenings of Batman: The Dark Knight Rises and bit by bit, reviews of the film are hitting the Internets. As far as I can tell, from the information that has come out thus far, Christopher Nolan has outdone himself with this final installment of the Batman saga. Many people, me included, found it hard to imagine how he would be able to make a better Batman film than The Dark Knight but if the early reviews are to believed — he has done it. Of particular interest to me are the early reports of Anne Hathaway’s performance in the film as Selina Kyle/Catwoman. I am beyond relived to hear that the early reviews claim that she gives an amazing performance as Catwoman.

Supporting both the protagonist and antagonist are a host of diverse characters that are as complex as they are intriguing. In The Dark Knight, we were presented with the Joker, who was not only insane, but also incapable of telling the same origin story twice. He would gladly die to “watch the world burn.” This movie gives us this complexity with no less than three supporting roles. While this writer has found Anne Hathaway (of The Princess Diaries and Havoc fame) to be drab and aloof in her past roles, she is the polar opposite in The Dark Knight Rises. She not only blows away Michelle Pfeiffer’s Selina Kyle/Catwoman portrayal, she is downright intoxicating.

You can read the full text of this early review HERE. I think I’ve been very clear with my concerns from the first moment that we learned that Anne Hathaway secured the role of Catwoman. My fear is that she is not capable of doing the character justice. I know I won’t be convinced until I see the film for myself but I am very encouraged by what I’m hearing about the film thus far. The thing I keep hearing over and over again is how good the film is overall … and how worthy it is of an Academy Award for Best Picture. Again, we’ll see. I may read a few more reviews between now and the time I can see the film for myself but I don’t want to read too much. As I understand it, the film’s ending (the final 15 minutes) is mind-blowingly awesome. I’m a bit relieved by all of this, yes, but mostly … I’m just really f*cking excited!


  • Justin

    Why are people treating Anne like she’s some Disney starlet? She’s an Academy Award nominee, Golden Globe nominee, Critic Choice winner, Emmy award winner, etc… She’s more than a capable actress to play this role!

    • bleeding ears

      Right on…

    • Megan


    • Daniel

      Completely agree and I wish Trent would get over his “I’m going to reserve judgement, BUT….” comments!

    • @Justin — I, personally, am not convinced based on what I’ve seen of her previous work. I am really hoping that my fears will be proven wrong but the TRUTH remains, I will make my judgement when I see the film for myself.

    • @ trent _ have you seen her in Havoc?

    • Jorge D

      I’m tired of hearing Anne Hathaway being underestimated, she strikes me as an actress who has learned her trade and has made the most of her opportunities, and I expect her to portray Catwoman with the best of them, including my personal favorite Julie Newmar, Lee Meriwether, Eartha Kitt and the most recent Michelle Pfeiffer. She has always been the most enigmatic villain due to the complex interaction with Batman as someone who wants to redeem her and has a thing for her.

  • debra

    I think the “positive review” was leaked by the studio or whoever. mainly because there had been such negative towards Ann playing the role. Seems very obvious to me. I’m sure she will do fine. But if anyone actually thinks she will be the selling point is crazy. Not because she is not a good actress. but because this franchise is all about the men. Nolan’s focus will be on the two male lead characters. I’m not a Batman fan.. think the movies are way over hyped for me.

  • bleeding ears

    I’ve been very vocal about my support for her in this role from the start and I’ve been waiting, somewhat patiently, for the reviews to start coming in so all you haters can shut’er up. Looks like that time has come.

  • Keegan

    Reading that “it’s worthy of an Academy Award for best film” makes me groan a bit. That’s really over-hyping a movie quite a bit – and that makes it a bit hard for the film to stand up against.

    • jdsmoothe

      Awesome. Cool story bro. It makes me think we will all be seing one hell of a movie on July 20th.

    • @Keegan — “Reading that “it’s worthy of an Academy Award for best film” makes me groan a bit. That’s really over-hyping a movie quite a bit” I thought the same thing when the hype before The Dark Knight started and that movie truly was worthy of a Best Picture award.

    • testing

      well not really considering they have like 10 best picture nominees now

  • Donny

    It would impossible to blow Pfeiffer’s portrayal out of the water. Hathaway may match it but, really, there’s no point in even comparing. Pfeiffer was brilliant!

  • BradywantsMoore

    We shall see! I don’t hate her as Catwoman I just hate that they chose such lame villains for the last film! Both already been done!

  • David, Glasgow

    Really? “Drab and aloof” in “The Devil Wears Prada”? I can’t take you seriously.

  • Ben@pr

    Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman was unique and unforgettable but I don’t doubt Anne can give us also an unique and unforgettable Catwoman. Superheroes characters come from a universe of constant evolution through the decades so to me it makes sense that when they are brought to action movies will also be changing and reinterpreted by different actors. Each actor will make the character it’s own despite been interpreted brilliantly in previous movies. Anne is a talented and respected actress just like the rest of the cast and I’m sure Nolan trusted in her talent enough to give her such an iconic character.

    For example, I was blown away with the brilliant performance of Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker although I liked the previous installation with Tobey Maguire almost a decade ago. I liked Andrew so much more but I don’t think Tobey was bad or mediocre either. It was just two different performances.

    • @Ben@pr — Excellent point.

    • Ben@pr

      Thank you.

  • Bill

    Anne gave a brilliant performance! Suprisingly she was even more sexy and alluring than Julie Newmar!!! She was absolutly the best part of the film, whose character was on par with Heath Ledger’s Joker. However, it seemed like Christopher Nolan had a hard time integrating the best character in the film into the storyline.

    • @Bill — I will agree that Anne did a great job but I’m sorry, there is no way that A.) she was more alluring than Julie Newmar or B.) she even came close to Heath Ledger’s brilliant performance. Sorry, but no.