Walk The Walk


After a day of writing and packing, I finally got out of the house to get a haircut and go for a walk. I still need a day or two to rest up my legs before I head out for another serious run so I decided to take a nice hour long walk to loosen up my muscles. I used the walk as an excuse to grab some Starbucks so, it wasn’t a total waste of time ;)

Along the way I snapped some fun photos to pass the time. I also launched my Zombies Run! app to make my excursion a bit more exciting (see my mission HERE). Unfortunately, I was overcome by a zombie swarm and I lost a few of my collected items … but in my defense, the zombies found me just after I procured my real life full cup of coffee so, I couldn’t really run and drink coffee at the same time.

Today, David and I fly back East to Chicago, IL for the weekend to attend our dear friends Monique and Jay’s wedding tomorrow. Unfortch, this Chicago trip will be a quick one … we return Sunday evening. I don’t think we’ll have any time to do anything other than the wedding this weekend (tho I am going to try and head out for an early morning run on Sunday along the lakefront). I’ll be flying all day today but thankfully we have Shannon to hold down the fort. Have a great Friday and a Happy Weekend ahead!

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  • Dezden

    Trent! I have to thank you… I went and experienced Sleep No More on Monday. It was AWESOME!!! I honestly am still really not sure what happened, but it was so great. I would love to go back, but unless it stays open for another 6-9 months, I probably won’t be back in NY to do so. I went alone, which was obviously fine, but now I wish I went with a friend about how awesome it was.

    BTW–I was trying not to read too many spoilers or anything beforehand, but everything did say if someone held out a hand, take it. Well Hecate did reach it out… she liked it so she put a ring on it (LOL). So that was exciting too!

    Anyway… thanks for posting about it! :)

    • @Dezden — Yay! You got a ring from Hecate!! OMG, I’m so glad you enjoyed … hearing how much you loved the show makes me want to see it again :)