Listen: Tina Fey ‘Raps’ On A Childish Gambino Track?


kay, we all know that– despite some very misleading headlines out there–she doesn’t really rap. But what Tina Fey does on Childish Gambino’s Real Estate track is still pretty funny, very SNL, and definitely worth listening to. Check out Tina Fey’s brilliant impersonation of rap artists everywhere inside.


Childish Gambino featuring Alley Boy, Swank, and Tina Fey: Real Estate
(Not a rap or Gambino fan? You’re allowed to skip to the end.)

Now some people without a sense of humor were furious about the use of the word “rap” in so many of the posts on this. Lol. I get it; we should probably stop saying that everyone and anyone who jumps on a beat is rapping. But in this case, it’s just not that serious (clearly). Also, ‘rap’ is a loose term in general and yeah– pretty much anyone can do it. Not everyone can make a rap song (or a good one) but rapping is pretty straightforward. Still, Tina isn’t even rhyming on this so I would probably say that she’s the acting hype man, not a featured rapper.

And what a glorious hype man she is:

Royalty all day!
We dropping racks at Nordstrom, son!
That’s racks on racks, dammit!

Shouts-Out to Tina Fey.

Childish Gambino fans out there? Check out DirectLyrics to get Gambino down word-for-word.


  • Krissy

    Before I get to the Tina Fey part, I have to say this lyric that isn’t in her part is THE creepiest thing I have ever heard:
    “we in this b*tch like we f*ckin a dog or some sh*t”

    Tina’s part was sooooo funny! Love it! (She comes in around the 5 minute mark)

    • Krissy, yes! I wish that was the creepiest lyric I’ve ever heard… but it’s not, lol. Thank God Tina was on the track, right?

  • nicole

    i dont know why, but this whole thing just made me laugh. i was laughing about a minute into it…then Tina comes in – “this is the part when people would drop the N word after,not gonna do that, i dont feel comfortable. IM OUT” < greatest line ever haha

    • nicole, Yup! Def the best part.