Britney Spears Is Beyond Bikini-Ready In This Twit Pic


Ummmm, this is awkward. And while I now know that Trent already shared this pic (thank you Ashley!) this bikini body deserves further attention. First off, I’m doing a Britney post (which is strange enough and can only mean that Trent is somewhere writing an A.S.A.P. Rocky post), and I just saw something hotter than those Rihanna pics from Harper’s Bazaar. It’s Britney Bitch! tweeted somethin’ cray from Hawaii and I’m assuming she didn’t have time to airbrush the photo which means that she’s really working with all that. Awkward/Amazingness inside.

Twit Pic O’ The Day


So yeah. There’s that to deal with while you blog at home with your two sons. Nice work Britney! Way to look like a sexy woman who also, occasionally eats sometimes. Preston and Jayden are looking really adorable too. I just love this picture :)

Congrats Britney!
And thanks again to PITNBr Ashley!

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  • Ashley

    Trent already beat you to it but I love this pic so I don’t mind seeing it twice! :D

    • Ashley, you’ve exposed my tendency to skim the Britney posts. AGGHHHH! I’ll find a way to save myself, lol! Thank you! And I’m glad you enjoyed seeing it again :)

  • Eri

    Her hair still looks like crap though. Maybe it’s just me, but wouldn’t it be easier to fix your hair than work out like mad for a hot body? She really can have both.

    • Eri, ouch! I barely noticed the hair, to be honest.

    • Alys

      I saw the hair right off. Ugh. If only she could get that styled…

      But her body! Her _body_! Clearly she’s taking care of herself and doing something right to look that trimmed, tone, and radiant.

    • PixiesBassline

      The first thing I thought was “Yeah! She looks great!” and then I saw her hair.
      Would someone PLEASE help this girl with her hair?!

  • Sfmom

    I was wondering why there wasn’t a lot of attention paid to the fact that she looks flipping amazing in that pic. It might just take a woman who has birthed babies herself (Aka you, Shannon!) to appreciate how awesomely fit she looks. Love it!

    • Sfmom, yes. I looked at her with those two boys and looked over at my two boys and I’m like, ok? What’s your excuse now, Shannon? Lmao, crunches really do a body good :)

  • Louigi

    Killer bod AND the smile is real again. Love it.

  • justin

    love this woman so much im a britney fan for life

  • Jennifer

    I think it’s awful that people look for something to pick at about other people so often. Shannon posts something praising a woman who has a healthy (not overly skinny) beautiful body, looks happy and has two happy kids in the picture and then there’s a handful of people who just want to rip on her hair? I hope that I always have something better to do in my life than to rip apart other people. Women are constantly petrified of what they look like to the point where they’re obsessed with their appearance and we call women silly for putting so much time into it. I’ve got the mainstream ideals looks-wise and I’m still completely insecure b/c of people like you who have looked for things to knit pick about. I know first hand how awful it feels for someone to criticize my appearance and I’d never do it to another woman. Realize what you’re doing and what you’re telling other women –you’ll never be good enough.