Watch: ‘Pitch Perfect’ Just Released The Funniest Trailer Ever


When somebody wakes you up out of a deep sleep for the sole purpose of playing a new movie trailer for you, it better be this one (thanks Johnny). It was 2 am, I was furious and miserable and confused as to why I was sitting in front of my computer, when the Pitch Perfect trailer began to play and I knew that my life would never be the same. Inside there may or may not be a group of teens waiting to sing an a cappella version of Blackstreet’s No Diggity for your listening pleasure… and Rebel Wilson from Bridesmaids. Why are you still reading this?!

Pitch Perfect Trailer


And yes, Ester Dean fans, that was Ester Dean. On a similar note, if Rebel Wilson does not start appearing in every single film I will cease to watch movies altogether. I simply cannot live a life of happiness without her. She… completes me.

And Anna Kendrick (the second-youngest actress to be nominated for a Tony Award) is about to change the game altogether. Then there’s the guy from Workaholics (Adam DeVine)?! That’s it. The definition of pitch perfect.

The rest of the cast includes Christopher Mintz-Plasse (aka Fogel from Superbad), Elizabeth Banks, Brock Kelly, and Anna Camp.

Of course, people are comparing Pitch Perfect to Glee, but I like that this movie will work for those of us who live and die by Glee, and those of us who give it a ‘meh.’ And it has that Bring It On Feel, but in a totally tongue-in-cheek-ish way.

Nobody on the planet will be displeased with this film. There. I said it.

Now which one of you just did a spit-take? I know somebody did at that bikini car-wash bit.

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  • Katie

    That looks fantastc! I toally agree that Rebel Wilson should be in every movie. The end line about crystal meth & the noise she did for the car wash made me lol really loudly. I’m sure my co-workers think I am crazy!

    • Katie, so glad you really were LOLing! Thanks for commenting :)

  • SittingPat

    What can I say? It looks Pitch Perfect. Note to Trent, check out who scripted this…uh huh, great credentials.

    • SittingPat thanks for commenting (it’s Shannon’s post). I see Kay Cannon (30 Rock, Baby Mama) is the writer– it all makes sense now!

    • SittingPat

      Sorry, Shannon. The heat is getting to me. Yeah, Kay is one seriously funny lady with a gifted pen. My cousin’s sister in law to boot.

  • Stephanie

    I watched this trailer 5 times in a row the other day…Rebel is just hilarious!

  • nicole

    so the first time i saw this trailer, about 5-10 seconds into it…my first thought was like ‘great, look what you did glee..this movie is going to be horrible’ but then Rebel Wilson started her lines & i was dieing. that girl is going to steal the show.

  • Wynter

    Is it wrong that I wish a conversation could happen in my life where I get to use the crystal meth line?

  • Sofia

    Anna Kendrick is literally the best (and lets not kid ourselves. only) good thing to ever come out of the twilight franchise.

    • JCZ

      Sorry, Twilight?

      Up in the Air right here! (Oscar snub)

      So glad to see Rebel Wilson repping the Aussie’s in comedy. She is a phenomenal improv actor and I love they keep her Aussie accent without making it forcibly noticeable (a la, Crocodile Dundee) and not trying to Americanise it.

  • Sarah

    I can’t wait to see this movie! I didn’t know anything about it – thanks for the post Shannon! :)

  • Balito

    Now that GLEE SUCKS major time, I really wanna watch this movie!!! :)

  • Shannon


  • Ben@pr

    I don’t like musicals and I can’t stomach Glee because it has bad actors and it’s an over the top teen utopia. That being said I think will watch this movie because it has Rebel Wilson and some others talented and funny actors unlike Glee :) My favorite scene of Rebel Wilson is in Bridesmaids when she is the bathtub with her brother LOL. How disturbingly funny was that?!

  • Sarah

    My good friend Utkarsh is in this film (he’s wearing the glasses in the above picture)! I hope everyone goes to see it and loves it!! So excited to see it getting some love on my fave blog :)

    • Sarah, congrats to Utkarsh! How awesome is that??!!

  • Bradywantsmoore

    Freaking amazing!!! It had me at Anna Kendrick! Must see totally!!

  • Madison Ford

    Who is the dude with the black hair with blonde in it?
    (The one behind Jesse holding the blue cup)