Watch: P!nk Has A Special Message, New Song For You


Back in March we learned that P!nk had begun work on a new album … today we learn from P!nk herself that the album has been titled and will be released in September. Fast work, don’tcha think? P!nk released a short video message to fans this week announcing the forthcoming release of her new album. Additionally, she has released the first single from the album, a track cheekily titled Blow Me (One Last Kiss). Click below to watch P!nk’s special album announcement message and take a listen to her new single.

Hee Hee, this is a cute message. It shows a lot about P!nk’s personality. But, more importantly, it lets us know that her album The Truth About Love will be released in just over 2 months … which is great news for P!nk fans. Here is audio of her new single, Blow Me (One Last Kiss):

I guess I would call myself a marginal P!nk fan. I like a lot of her singles but I think I only own one of her albums in full. This is a cleverly worded song and I like the upbeatness but it doesn’t immediately grab me. That said, it does feel like one of those songs that grows on you. With repeated listens, this song could become a fave. What do y’all think? Are you excited for the release of a new P!nk album? What do you think of this new single?

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  • rOXy

    Worth a download so I can listen to it on something other than my crappy computer speakers. It sounds like there are a lot of layers here, and those are the kind that grow on me. Still, I’m excited for new P!nk music.

  • Dana

    She tries to hard to be different and it comes off Fake…She’s also a bully..She knows what Pop Stars she can pick on and who could Kill her career.

  • nicole

    i kinda feel like this new song is kind of a step down from the work she did on her last album.
    i dunno, maybe its a grower…

  • david

    love the song and pink!

  • Will

    I LOOOOOVE HER! Can’t wait for the new album and everything P!NK!

  • Dezden

    I love Pink. This song is catchy, and her first single from every album always seems to be… but the albums themselves are usually soooooo much better. Really good stuff, IMO. So excited to have new material from her, and I really really hope she’ll tour the US to a decent degree.

  • 2cents

    The song’s good, follows the pattern of PInk’s previous opening singles.
    I love Pink’s voice & attitude (we’d def be buddies & sparring partners if she were my neighbor), but the material feels SO scrutinized by music industry pros. The songs are too perfect & processed–which is great for potential hit singles, but not for extended repeated listening to an entire album over the years. I’d like to hear Pink do an album like Roisin Murphy’s “Overpowered” or Cyndi Lauper’s “Bring Ya to the Brink”: working with a different less mainstream producer/writer for each track, each one creating a new sound. I think she & Jon Mayer could do some seriously impressive singing/song writing togther. Or even something strangely contrasting, like the oddball creation of Chris Cornell+Timberland–which found crazy amazing.