So 4th And So On


Yesterday was a very fun, extremely relaxing 4th of July for David and me. We were graciously invited to a small BBQ by our friends Amy and James (who are very close friends of Emma and Josh) and we happily accepted. David and I have been trying to hang out with Amy and James for a long time now but we just haven’t been able to get it together … so yesterday’s tiny BBQ hang was perfect.

Amy and James are the most laid back, most amazing hosts … I can’t even tell you. Their home is so inviting, it’s impossible not to want to curl up on a chair and just feel right at home. There was so much food and drink, really … we had the best time in large part because of how welcoming they are.

We are so lucky to know so many wonderful people, days like yesterday just remind me how important it is to cherish friends and family. I know it may sound corny but I much prefer days spent talking and laughing with friends in a relaxing environment to frantic parties that are loud and boisterous. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still up for the occasional par-tay but honestly, days like yesterday are hard to beat :)

Today, I’ll be taking care of some errands — including packing — before David and I fly to Chicago, IL for Monique and Jay’s wedding this weekend. We are so excited FIRST that Mo and Jay are getting hitched but also that we get to see them … they’ve been in Hong Kong for so long, we miss them both terribly. I hope you are having an easy day getting back into the swing of work today (my fellow Americans) and hope YOU (all) are having a great Thursday!

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  • Yasmin

    I love Amy!

  • Caroline Kollar

    Be aware that the weather is BAD in Chicago now. It is 100 now and supposed to 100 tomorrow and then cooling off to the high 80’s on Saturday. Sunday is only supposed to hit 83. Have fun at the wedding! And I hope you get to run outside on the lakefront path – weather permitting

    • @Caroline Kollar — OY, thanks for the head’s up. I was planning on a lakefront run so, wish me luck :)

  • Caroline

    Good luck! I can Daily Mile you some tips for the path if you want

    • @Caroline — yes, please!!! xoxoxoxox

  • Ben@pr

    I love David’s sunglasses.

  • Kel

    Hi Trent! The host is totally an actor, yes? He looks so familiar!

  • Lynne

    Is that NIKKA COSTA in the pic with David?!?!