Listen: Nas And Amy Winehouse Collab On ‘Cherry Wine’


Life is good when good music is in the air, and we’re lucky enough to have Nas and Amy Winehouse’s collaborative effort Cherry Wine on deck! I have my ups and downs with Nas, but he and Amy’s voices are so complimentary on this track, I temporarily forgive him for what he did to Kelis. But seriously– and all personal dramas aside– this song is a perfect summer track. With its mellow beat and jazzy stylings, I may have it on repeat for the next 25-45 minutes.

Nas featuring Amy Winehouse: Cherry Wine

Cherry Wine is off Nas’s forthcoming album, Life Is Good. And it has made me a very happy blogger today.

The song was recorded back in 2008 when the two artists (who were also good friends) shared a few recording sessions, completing tracks such as “Like Smoke” (which debuted on Amy Winehouse’s Lioness: Hidden Treasures).

Read more about the Cherry Wine collaboration on DirectLyrics.

Is anybody else falling in love (with music, with Amy Winehouse, with life itself, lol) as we speak/listen? I know there is a bittersweet vibe associated with the song, but the energy of it is all very positive to me.


  • Juneh

    I miss her… this track really makes me miss her. Not the drama, drunken fights or crazyness that surrounded her. But the timeless talented voice and person. Sigh!

    • PixiesBassline

      It made me feel the same way, Juneh. I wish she was still here, doing well, and making more music with her awesome style and voice.

  • I will always miss Amy <3 her no matter what mess she was into <3