First Look: Christian Louboutin Designs A Contemporary ‘Cinderella’ Slipper


The Louboutin Don has collaborated with the wonderful world of Disney to bring a classic fairytale to life, or at least to your feet. Made with lace, glitterings, and– what else– Swarovski crystals, the shoes looks like they can probably transform your life in some pretty magical ways. Check out pics and the story behind the re-imagining of Cinderella’s famous glass slipper inside!

USA Today offered this report:

In creating the shoe, the movie studio reached out to the designer, whose red-soled heels are as coveted as they are pricey, in advance of Cinderella’s Blu-ray release Oct. 2.

“It’s a very classic fairy tale about love,” Louboutin says, “and the dream that love is absolutely pure.” Though Louboutin’s slipper will not be produced for mass sale, 20 pairs will be given away worldwide this fall, turning “anyone into modern-day Cinderellas,” Louboutin says. Disney and Louboutin will release details on the giveaway Aug. 17.

Lori MacPherson, executive vice president of global product management at Disney, calls the shoe “possibly the most iconic shoe in literature” and says the Louboutin collaboration is a “fitting tribute.”

Louboutin unveiled Cinderella’s new accessory at a soiree Wednesday night at the Palais Brongniart in Paris, during Couture Fashion Week. Guests at the elite event included fashion editors from around the world.

The master craftsman concedes there were challenges to designing the shoe. “You imagine it being completely transparent, (made) out of glass,” Louboutin says. But “full and classical transparency made into a shoe makes a really ugly foot.” And using a plastic such as Lucite “could look very ’60s or sort of punky.”
Instead, Louboutin used lace to give the illusion of transparency, paired with a glittering, Swarovski-crystal-covered heel. He then added butterflies, imagining a modern-day Cinderella tending to her chores and the delicate creature landing on her.
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While this is all very exciting, the best part of this story is that Christian Louboutin will make his acting debut as a result of this collabo with Disney. As a bonus feature on the Cinderella Blu-ray DVD, the designer will play the role of the Red Sole Man in a Bedknobs and Broomsticks-inspired short, titled The Magic of the Glass Slipper: A Cinderella Story. The 1971 classic (starring Angela Lansbury) is a favorite of Mr. Louboutins which means, at long last, we finally have something in common! Love me some Bedknobs and Broomsticks!

Thoughts on the shoe? I think collabos like this are always interesting. Last week we learned that Banana Republic is making an Anna Karenina-themed line and I’d love to see more designers pulling from classic stories/movies to create new products. Maybe when Gatsby comes out later this year somebody will try to replicate that luxurious collection of English shirts that Daisy wept all over. Sigh, capitalism :)

Who’s pumped about these pumps? Cute, right? Anybody care to give a pseudo-feminist analysis of the significance of the princess ideal in society? Those seem to be going around Facebook a lot, lol.

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  • LiQue

    Sorry but HORRIBLE!!!!

    • Katie

      Totally agree! So ugly…

  • Ahnawake

    Butterflies? Hearts or stars maybe but NOT butterflies.

  • beth

    i like ’em.

  • Sandy

    Yeeeeah, I’m SO entering that giveaway

  • LaToya

    Looking at these shoes gives me goosebumps! No pseudo-feminist thoughts just I want I want I want!

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  • nicole

    a part of me likes them..then a part of me is just like..ew.

  • brittany

    I was really worried about these. I am seriously a die hard Cinderella fan. I am really happy that they are sheer with sparkle designs, it reminds me of when Cinderella is first transformed. That being said the butterflies don’t really make sense and seem to take away from the beautiful simplicity of the shoe. Of all the shoes I’ve seen, these are the closest to what I would imagine.

  • I love these shoes but i think they would be even more amazing without the butterflies! Seems a little too Mariah Carey for my liking!

  • rOXy

    I agree with everyone on the butterflies not being the best adornment. Stylized bows would have been better. Still, since I like all things sparkly, I love these.

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    eh, they’d be amazing without the butterflies

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    Where can I purchase a pair of these for my daughters sweet sixteen?????