Britney Spears Shares Sweet Family Photos From Hawai’i


A few days ago we saw cute photos of Britney Spears, her fiancée Jason Trawick and her sons Sean Preston and Jayden James making their arrival in Maui, HI ahead of the 4th of July holiday and today we get to see a couple of new cute photos from the trip. Our dear Britney shared a couple of adorable personal photos with her fans on Twitter (by way of Instagram) that you simply MUST check out. The first photo is a family portrait. The second is a photo of just Brit and her boys. Check ‘em out below.

Happy 4th of July from the Aloha State!

Getting ready for some pool time! Having a blast xxoo

I love the family photo. They all look so happy, especially Britney. It’s so cool to see her looking so happy and content. The second photo, if I must be honest, is cute but … her weave looks a bit of a mess. Even still, messy wig or not, she looks HAPPY! I’m not sure how long Britney and the boys will be vacationing in Maui but I hope they can stay there for a few more days … at least. Maui is absolute paradise. Britney and her boys deffo deserve a nice long holiday together.

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  • Norma

    So wonderful to see Britney so happy and being a good mom…..shows what having a family that will fight for you and never give up does….Thank God she has her dad who saved her life from those leeches who cared nothing for her…just her $$$.

  • I love Britwick! They’re so perfect!!!! I wish she would tour again soon!

  • all i notice in the second pic is her HOT BOD. wow!!! she is looking great!

  • PetaF

    Lorili that’s what I noticed to! Woo, she looks amaaazing! So happy for her and her sweet fam.

  • miss x

    i am SO happy that Jason is GOOD for her! =D

  • Mihelich smith
  • BriK

    Her boobs look enormous! Another baby on the way?! (jk!!!)

  • Dezden

    They are so cute!!

  • Alys

    When she’s happy, she can light up an entire island. :)