Britney Spears Shares Sweet Family Photos From Hawai’i


A few days ago we saw cute photos of Britney Spears, her fiancĂ©e Jason Trawick and her sons Sean Preston and Jayden James making their arrival in Maui, HI ahead of the 4th of July holiday and today we get to see a couple of new cute photos from the trip. Our dear Britney shared a couple of adorable personal photos with her fans on Twitter (by way of Instagram) that you simply MUST check out. The first photo is a family portrait. The second is a photo of just Brit and her boys. Check ‘em out below.

Happy 4th of July from the Aloha State!

Getting ready for some pool time! Having a blast xxoo

I love the family photo. They all look so happy, especially Britney. It’s so cool to see her looking so happy and content. The second photo, if I must be honest, is cute but … her weave looks a bit of a mess. Even still, messy wig or not, she looks HAPPY! I’m not sure how long Britney and the boys will be vacationing in Maui but I hope they can stay there for a few more days … at least. Maui is absolute paradise. Britney and her boys deffo deserve a nice long holiday together.

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  • Norma

    So wonderful to see Britney so happy and being a good mom…..shows what having a family that will fight for you and never give up does….Thank God she has her dad who saved her life from those leeches who cared nothing for her…just her $$$.

  • I love Britwick! They’re so perfect!!!! I wish she would tour again soon!

  • all i notice in the second pic is her HOT BOD. wow!!! she is looking great!

  • PetaF

    Lorili that’s what I noticed to! Woo, she looks amaaazing! So happy for her and her sweet fam.

  • miss x

    i am SO happy that Jason is GOOD for her! =D

  • Mihelich smith
  • BriK

    Her boobs look enormous! Another baby on the way?! (jk!!!)

  • Dezden

    They are so cute!!

  • Alys

    When she’s happy, she can light up an entire island. :)