Lindsay Lohan Is A Red Head Again, Again


Brace yourselves, y’all … Lindsay Lohan is a red head again. As you may recall, we learned earlier this week that Lindsay has wrapped filming of her Lifetime made for TV biopic film Liz & Dick and, as a result, decided to dye her hair from the darker Elizabeth Taylor color to her more natural red headed color. It took Lindsay about 3 hours to get back to red but once completed, she was happy to share the results with her followers on Instagram.

Red again

Lindsay has always looked her best as a red head. While I still have my doubts that she will be able to enjoy a career rejuvenation, at least she looks like the Lindsay Lohan that we all fell in love with WAY back in the day. Red is a good look for her, I hope she keeps it for a long while.


  • nicole

    i love the red, hopefully she sticks with it for a log time. but who ever taught her how to fill in her eyebrows …lord. they should be fired.

  • cmc

    Just…whatever, Lindsay. It’s nice that she finally listened to the thousands screaming “blonde does not suit you!!”, but I’d rather see a blonde, sober Lindsay than a redhead addict with an attitude problem.

  • Timoteo

    At least it is not blond. Whenever she has tht platinum color she looks about 47 minutes from death.

  • love the hair / eyebrow contrast!

  • Katie

    Why does she always looks like she has poo on her upper lip?

    • meme

      because she probably does.