Katie Holmes Speaks Publicly For The First Time Since Her Split From Tom Cruise


Katie Holmes has given her first public statement since she shocked the world by announcing her desire to divorce Tom Cruise after 5 years of marriage. While out with her daughter Suri in NYC this week, Katie responded to inquiries about her well-being. In addition, Katie looked bright and happy on this outing … something we haven’t seen from her in a very long time. Click below to hear from Katie herself how she is doing and see photos of her rocking the biggest and happiest smile you’ve ever seen before.

A smiling Katie Holmes uttered her first public words Wednesday after declaring her independence from estranged hubby Tom Cruise. “I’m all right,” the 33-year-old actress told the Daily News as she pushed a shopping cart carrying the couple’s adorable daughter Suri. “Thank you,” she said graciously. Holmes flashed a grin as she strolled the aisles of a Whole Foods grocery store in Chelsea and picked up the ingredients for a Fourth of July feast: ground beef, hamburger rolls, strawberries and bananas. Holmes also grabbed a new sun hat, which a laughing Suri plopped on her head to mug for her appreciative mom. The twosome was accompanied by a security guard on their Wednesday morning shopping spree. As they left the store, 6-year-old Suri gave her doting mother a big holiday hug.

While I have the sneaking suspicion that this report is exaggerating a bit to amp up the drama (what the Hell is a “holiday hug”?), I do believe Katie when she says she is “alright”. I mean, will you look at that smile on her face? She looks truly happy. No matter what happens to her financially in the divorce, I think Katie Holmes will remain happy with full custody of her daughter and full freedom from her ex-husband. Her smile says it all … she really does seem genuinely alright … at last.

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  • Whaddya mean “No matter what happens to her financially”? Do you think Holmes-girl is gonna get shafted money-wise or something?

    • @Kent — “Do you think Holmes-girl is gonna get shafted money-wise or something?” Yes, I believe the couple have an iron-clad pre-nup that will lock her out of getting a financial windfall from this divorce. As I understand it, she will walk away with only the monies she brought into the relationship … and possibly child support for Suri.

    • cmc

      Honestly, it seems like she probably wouldn’t care one bit. This particular divorce doesn’t seem to be about money in the slightest. I don’t know Katie (LOL, obviously), but I could imagine her being much happier living an upper-middle-class lifestyle with her daughter safe, than drowning in millions and letting her crazy husband’s religion scramble her kid’s brains.

    • Vicky

      I am sure she has a bit of money of her own, she definitely isn’t going to be hurting and no matter what Tom will have to support Suri. She will probably be better off financially without Tom, because he seemed to be really holding her career back. No matter what… she isn’t hurting for money.

    • dots

      The pre-nup states she will get 3 Million for every year they were married. They were married for five years!!!


    • @dots — But, there may be terms of the pre-nup that we don’t know about … like, if she gets out early, she may get nothing. We may never know for sure.

  • debra

    I find it funny that people actually think that Tom is not going to get joint custody of Suri. Katie is on record of saying what an amazing father Tom his. How great he is with Suri. There are child abusers and murderers that still have custody of their children. Katie has public opinion on her side. Tom has the law on his.

    People may hate Tom’s religion and his behavior, but Katie chose to be with this man and have a child with him. She sat back and went along with Tom taking the children from Nicole. Even bragging that they called her Mom. That was low on her part. I don’t dislike either of them, but I can step back and see that this is not going to end the way many people think or want it to.

    • @debra — I don’t think anyone thinks that Tom isn’t going to fight but the reason Katie filed for divorce in NY is because the law is much more on her side there. I wouldn’t be surprised if Katie Holmes has an ace up her sleeve to ensure that she comes out on top.

    • fre

      There’s no way Katie’s going to get full legal custody even if she’s in NY. Considering Tom didn’t do anything heinous (which has yet to be seen), he will be at least in a joint custody situation.

    • ChristineLA

      Damn. You make a really good point, which I kind of hate to admit since I am firmly in Katie’s corner.

  • Rebecca

    LOL – “holiday hug”…She’ll be fine, but I can’t imagine having to answer inquiring press during a widely publicized divorce. Good for her to put on a smile and get on with life!

  • Gengiant

    Everyone is getting “Holiday Hugs” from me today!

  • rOXy

    The only possible true victim in this situation is Suri. She had no choice or part in their adult decisions, yet she is the one who will be most affected. As far as how this fight will go down, Katie has her father on her side and some pretty powerful people. Tom has deep pockets and even more powerful people. Just because she has sole custody does not mean than Tom can’t have visitation. He should. He loves his daughter, and his daughter loves him, and it would be wrong to deprive her of a relationship with him. I believe Katie is going after sole custody so she is the only one who gets to make the decisions about how her daughter will be raised. I would hope that both Tom and Katie are smart enough to protect Suri from the fallout and not use their child as a pawn to hurt each other as so many divorcing couples do. As far as the smile? I detect a bit of instability in the expression in her eyes. It’s not any wonder with what she has been through lately, but I sense over whelming relief mixed with fear for what she is facing. I hope she doesn’t try too hard to prove to anyone that she is “alright”. She has picked a fight with someone who is intense about winning and the stakes couldn’t be higher. I hope they are able to come to an acceptable agreement behind closed doors and not bring it out into the open for public opinion or entertainment value.

  • fmx

    Everyone is saying scientology is the major problem, I’m sure there is deeper problems with their relationship. If that was the case, you would think they would discuss and agree or disagree on Suri’s involvement in scientology before having kids/getting married, or maybe katie agreed to that and is now backing out? Anyways I hope she finds something new in her life then hopping Tom’s movie sets with kid. I doubt Tom would show up to her sets and sit around babysitting.

  • Ashley

    I’m glad she happy again but I don’t understand why she doesn’t called the cops on those creepy people in SUV in front of her home. I mean this would totally freak me out

    • cmc

      I thought she did? I read a report that the cops investigated the guys in SUVs and a few of them were carrying guns. Didn’t hear anything else about it, though.

  • miss x

    am i the only one who thinks her smile looks forced? her eyes aren’t even bunching up the way they do when you are REALLY laughing very happily!

    oh Katie, continue to put on a show!

  • First of all, first time commenting, 7 years watching:). Sole custody does not mean he won’t have visitation rights, not by any means but, it would give her control over major life decisions; school, religion, medical, etc. This is actually HIGHLY likely due to the amount of time TC is required to spend away at work. It gives her rights under emergency situations to sign off without his physical presence. If judgement is granted under these terms he is very accessable to his child as she is to him. This is quite normal in divorce hearings across the board. I honestly hope they can work their way out of this twisted lil game amicably for their daughter’s sake. She doesn’t read the tabloids and, more than likely, adores her Daddy. I think Lil S deserves AT LEAST that much. I mean, C’mon! How many of YOUR parents are weirdos and you still love em anyway or, at the minimum, put up with their silly asses cuz they kept you clean and had food on the table? At least they are effing present in their children’s lives. We will not ever be in fear of TC getting a Father of the year award, but at least he’s a provider with resources beyond most people’s reach. K will be happier and feel more freedom which will make her an EVEN more kickass MAMA. She knows all this. She has better lawyers than most of us could ever afford. Good Lawd! How bout that for a first post? Rant much? Jeez. Love PITNB, love you, love everything, love it!

  • Karine

    Actually, Katie always smiles like that. I always see pictures of her smiling like that in past photos

  • Katie

    Joey Potter is back ya’ll! Ha ha. She looks really light and happy in these photos.

  • Sarah

    I do feel sympathy towards Katie – the old Katie. She was young, naive, blinded by the Hollywood lights and sucked into the Tom Cruise vortex many years ago. We’ve all been young and done stupid things, especially when it comes to love.

    I’ll never forget a Nicole Kidman interview I read long long ago in which she was asked what she would say to Katie Holmes regarding her recent nuptials w/ Tom.

    She said, “A gilded cage is still a cage.”

    But here comes the new Katie. And we must not underestimate her new strength and courage – it takes some serious pelotas to escape from the clutches of Tom’s tyrannical world. This man is insanely rich, insanely powerful, and well…insanely insane. But she’s still gonna do it! I don’t know about you, but I find that very admirable.

  • A.

    The pictures don’t mean anything to me, other than that this is the image the media wants to put forth right now. It’s like when Amy Winehouse was alive and every picture that appeared showed her looking like a train wreck, but after she died all these images of her looking happy and sweet surfaced. (That made me really angry, actually. How cruel to put such an ugly image towards the public, making it easier to criticize her life, and then turn around and go, “Oh, but look at how she also was! What we lost!”)