Watch: Showtime Releases A Preview Video That Features Footage From ‘Dexter’ Season 7


We’ve already seen the first promo photo from the forthcoming 7th season of Dexter and we’ve learned some spoileryish deets about the season from one of the show’s producers but today, at long last, we FINALLY get to see actual footage from the show. Showtime has released a promo video that previews a LOT of scenes from the new season of Dexter … but make sure you don’t blink while you watch the clip. Click below and see what I mean.

LOL! At least we know Showtime has a clever sense of humor. I’m actually surprised the show has filmed so much footage already … it’s clear by watching this video (frame by frame) that they have a lot of episodes completed. I’m looking forward to the release of a proper promo video of Dexter season 7 but, I guess this’ll do for now.

UPDATE: Pink reader Lauri pointed me in the direction of a slow motion HD version of this video that shows every single frame in full:


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  • Joon

    “you’re welcome.” ha ha!!!!! Nice sense of humor, indeed. They put the “tease” in “teaser.”

  • Filled and completed (ie. edited, folly, etc) are two very different things!

  • amanda

    if you pause at 0.05 you see deb & dex burning a body
    …. your welcome :)

    • @amanda — OMG, I think you’re right! I tried to catch every single frame and I didn’t really think about what this scene could be … but you are prolly exactly right. OMG!

    • amanda

      @Trent , i re played frame by frame .. like a big loser , and saw a burning body , then detectives showing up to a burnt down church (?) Sneeky Sneeky those Morgans !!
      Seriously CANT wait until September .!!.

  • splacer

    I just started watching Dexter – took out Season 1 from the library over the weekend. I am about half way through the season, but sometimes I find it really boring. Should I keep on going – does it get more interesting? Or is it just me?

  • Lauri
    • @Lauri — Thank you! I’ll post this above :)

    • amanda

      I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!
      im too awesome

  • Joon

    Oh my gosh. More of deb & Dexter this season, it’s gonna be soooooooo unbelievably good! Thanks for posting the slow-mo version!

  • JeniLee

    I wanna say they are like 4 episodes in. Jennifer tweeted about being back at work at the end of May. Cannot wait!

  • Janaegal

    Im way more excited about this than a reasonable adult should be. It’s almost embarrassing.