Natalie Portman & Benjamin Millepied Will Reportedly Marry In August


Remember back in February when we learned from Natalie Portman’s jeweler that she secretly married her babydaddy fiancée Benjamin Millepied? Well, according to a new report out today, Nat and Ben have NOT yet married. In Touch Weekly is reporting that the couple are planning to be married for real in Big Sur, CA this August. HMMM.

Natalie Portman and fiancé Benjamin Millepied are finally ready to make it official this summer and say I do! In Touch can exclusively report that the couple, who recently celebrated their son Aleph’s first birthday in June, are preparing for an intimate California wedding on August 5! “Natalie and Ben will marry in Big Sur,” an insider from the California community tells the new issue of In Touch, on newsstands now. “It’s one of Natalie’s favorite places — whenever she needs a break from LA, she comes here to escape.” This time, instead of fleeing city life, she’ll be embracing a future with the French choreographer, who helped her garner an Oscar for her portrayal of the ballerina Nina in Black Swan. The couple showed their commitment last year: “Natalie and Ben exchanged rings in private prior to Aleph’s birth,” another source tells In Touch. “This wedding is for their closest friends and family,” says the source, who adds that 60 guests will attend and the menu will reflect Natalie’s vegan diet. “It will be a very relaxed affair. They’re not sending out invites. Natalie may not even buy a new dress!”

Considering how secretive Natalie and Benjamin are, I suppose it’s anyone’s guess if the couple are already married (as her jeweler), planning to marry (as this report claims) or have no plans to marry at all. At the time, I thought the jeweler’s story of a secret wedding was plausible so I tended to believe it. But, I suppose, this new report of a Summer wedding in Big Sur is just as plausible. I suspect we’ll know for sure if Natalie and Benjamin are married (or not) so I guess we’ll just have to wait it out. I know you’ve been staying up late nights wondering so … I’ll keep you posted!


  • Meghan

    They have been wearing wedding rings for months, so I don’t know that I believe this.

    • Meghan

      It sounds like they are already married and this is just a ceremony for family and friends. I had the same thing.

  • differentcultures

    A lot of different cutures wear their wedding rings BEFORE marriage as engagement rings. I wore my ring before I was married as did my husband.

    In Germany the man and woman both wear their wedding rings on the left hand BEFORE marriage. Once they are legally married the rings are switched to the right hand.

    My Turkish female friends wear their wedding and engagement rings on their right hands until marriage. After they are married they move to the left hand.

    According to this site Jewish women wear wedding rings BEFORE they are married but they tend to wear them on the right hand as well until the ceremony happens.

    My husband and I always wore our rings on our right hands because we didn’t want to have to get them refitted since the right finger tends to be a bit larger than the left.