‘Lost’ Star Matthew Fox Finally Gets Mug Shotted For His DUI Arrest


Back in early May we learned that former Lost star Matthew Fox was arrested on charges of drunk driving but at the time, we didn’t get to see his mug shot. It turns out that the police station in Oregon was dealing with a broken camera issue and Fox couldn’t be mug shotted. A judge overseeing is DUI case ordered Matthew to return at a later date so that he could pose for a proper mug shot, which finally took place this month. Click below to see Matthew Fox’s DUI mug shot.

If Matthew Fox doesn’t look drunk in his DUI mug shot … it’s because it was taken TWO MONTHS after he was arrested. TMZ has learned … Fox returned to the Deschutes County Adult Jail in Bend, Oregon on June 29th to finally take the mug shot from his May 4th arrest … and TMZ has the pic. So why did it take so long for cops to get the shot? Turns out, the camera at the jail was BROKEN on the night Fox was arrested … so the judge made the former “Lost” star come back for a makeup photo. As we previously reported, Fox struck a plea deal with prosecutors so he wouldn’t have to serve any time in jail — and in exchange he pled no contest to one count of DUI. As part of the deal, Fox can’t drink alcohol for one year and is required to complete a drug and alcohol treatment program. If Fox complies with the court’s orders, the entire case will go away.

Honestly, I’m glad that Fox was forced to pose for a mug shot, I’m glad that the police station released the photo to the public and I am glad that I can share it with all y’all. You see, it seems like public shame is the ONLY punishment that Matthew Fox is going to get for putting other people’s lives in danger by driving drunk. By pleading “no contest”, Fox is essentially admitting his guilt without having to legally admit his guilt. If he is able to stay alcohol free and complete a few classes, this entire incident will go away … and he will get off scott free despite his reckless and potentially deadly behavior. But, even if his crime does get washed away, his mug shot will live on. It’s not much of a punishment, IMHO, but at least it’s something.


  • Janaegal

    To be honest, he still looks pretty rough in this picture. Seems like he has a lot of demons to work through, which he hopefully does for the sake of his kids.

  • Meghan

    He’s a mess….